Monday 28 December 2015

Are Expensive Gifts A Proof Of Love?

I know how many of you enjoying your relationship and love your partner until you get on Instagram. You did some investigation and stalking here and there (common,don't we all do it?) and you just saw what? That girl got another fancy pair of shoes from her guy just after he surprised her with a business class ticket to some exotic destination while you and your boyfriend counting change hoping that you will have enough to get fuel and maybe get to go out for a drink or a movies.

All of the sudden your mood changes. This is not enough! Why can't your guy provide things like that? Is it fair? Love can feel way better than this! Why can't you just have it all? Now you started questioning love and the quality of relationship you are in. The person you are with. You are getting bitter and angry. "I mean,if he really loved me,he would try better.." No?

Ok if you are sure you want a sugar daddy,this is not for you (no,no ,I can never judge you,we all gave "sugar daddy" a thought,at least for a minute lol).

But if we both agreed that we are talking on love-oriented relationship,where goal is to build,create,love,care and support each other,then baby girl,slow down.

Yes,we all want a man that will take our breath  away with an exotic and fancy surprises.

But what's exactly the meaning of "expensive"?

People use money to buy things. To buy people sometimes as well.

Took me time to understand some few things and Im here,sharing my final opinion with you. My husband and I eventually started doing better,we experienced amazing growth in our careers,and we are now capable of affording bigger and better things than we used to,yes,but don't get it twisted- I  don't think Love goes with "expensive". Love rather goes,hand to hand with Priceless.

What is priceless?
An effort someone puts in to make you smile. A sacrifice man will have to deal with to provide the best he can for you. The fact you are clearly a priority to someone's life. The fact he is willing to give you 50 and 50 is all he got in his pocket.
What of expensive things? Big cars? Branded clothes and exotic trips?
Why not?
As a goal,yes.
Even if I wish to share my excitement with y'all by sharing a photo or two on social media.

But it's still not a proof of love though,but it is a proof of how far you two have gone and how much you have built.Together,as a team,Thanks to that magical Love and dedication,support,encouragement and understanding it brought into your lives.