Thursday 2 June 2016

What Should Be The Fundation Of Your Union To Make It Last Forever?

We are often afraid to commit to someone "for life" secretly asking ourselves "can I really do it? Is it realistic? What if love fades away?"

And this doubt can give hell of headache especially when we about to make one of the biggest life decisions.

I've spent so much time and energy thinking about it. At some point to answer on such questions seemed more complicated then nuclear science itself.

I had to find a way to understand the essence of Union between two people because I couldn't just get involved in it without understanding it completely.

Can the foundation of love between two people fade? How? Why?

Eventually,do you know what helped me finally get the answer I am about to share with you guys? Look here: every  single time I had to face challenge in my marriage-every single issue of mine ,every single issue of my husband's own that we carried God knows from where,every subconscious and conscious frustration,trauma  and problem we been dragging along with us from past experiences and we had to help each other get over . That was a process that brought many struggles we had to pass through together,required serious patience,support and love above all. But it wasn't easy all the time . A bumpy ride I ,would say. Painful sometimes. But you know what?

It helped me get the answer on question that didn't let me sleep in peace for some time - how can the foundation of your marriage/Union fade or become replaceable?

Now I know . Depends on what foundation of your Union is.

Try this with me : close your eyes,think about your relationship.
Now,let's remove sex and money ( and all money brings : shoppings,trips,fancy outing etc).

Ask yourself: what else is left there? Exactly .

Don't get me wrong,I'm not saying money or sex isn't important. It is ,very much. But guess what,it's not enough. Why? These are not the reasons that would make you stay by your partner's side forever. Why?

1. Because it's not only your partner that can provide it for you. If that is your major priority,your doors would easily get open to other people as well.
2. Because in our nature is to easily get "full" and tired of what so ever we over do (believe it or not) . The excitement we had at the beginning  drops down as more as we get used to certain things  because more we see it more it becomes an everyday's norm for us (even the luxury life or very good sex). So you simply can't count on it as something that will make you live with someone "happily ever after ".

How do you know that someone is worth spending a lifetime with? It's when you find someone who can give you what no one else can .
And that my friends is mostly a true ,honest friendship,a companionship,a partnership where one sees your potentials and qualities even when you forget about them,where one is not going to "get tired" and go out to look for a better company once you face and fight your own inner demons,but help you grow and pass every challenging path of your life.
You know someone is worth your life time,efforts and heart when you feel supported and encouraged to maximize your potentials on every single level of your life and when you clearly see that the best is being taken out of you.

Every tough path,every struggle you faced....will make you remember "we did it together,you and I and nobody else".

Now that's somethings you can't replace and this kind of foundation will never ever fade,not in a million years.

Much love guys!
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Mrs O