Thursday 24 August 2017

To Walk Away Or Try Harder?

Isn't this the biggest doubt of the century? Should we let go,set ourselves free and move on or try bit harder and stay bit longer because,you know, miracles happen every day? Isn't that what they say?But they also say that, in order to move forward in life, we need to let go of old weights that keep holding us back.
If you are facing such a dilemma at the moment,I am also very sure that your heart is very heavy and that you are dealing with pain,anxiety,frustration and bad ass confusions,desperately trying to understand what have you done wrong and all the wrongs that has been done to you. Who was right? Who is to be blamed? Every sacrifice,every mistake,regrets,anger,sadness and ,once again,dilemma.
Should I walk away or just,try harder?

First of all,to know what is right for you ,you need to love yourself to the point you would understand that being mistreated in any way simply can't be an option. Love yourself enough to be happy all by yourself so you won't tolerate anyone in your life who is taking away from the peace and happiness you have already built all alone.
Love yourself so much so settling won't be an option.
If you love yourself,you will not justify any humiliating or violent actions towards you (whether is in the name of "love",jealousy,tradition,or because you simply "deserved it" for not being correct enough).
Once you learn how to love yourself,you will also start believing in yourself and that will open your eyes to the fact that you actually don't need anyone else to achieve what God Almighty has planned for you and it will allow you to be in someone's life only because you want to (Want VS Need).
Desperate is only a human being who is not aware of his own worth . Don't be that human being. Love yourself strongly and continuously and don't ever let anyone confuse you or make you forget how worthy and powerful you are ,all by yourself,just the way you are.

Secondly,I have learnt that there is no such thing as a wrong decision,as long as we live according to it. The only wrong decisions are FEAR and DOUBT in your moves.
Which means : no regrets and no "what ifs".
You are always at the right place at the right time. Best believe.
If you leave,stop looking back,wishing or doubting. Look forward .You have power of choice so stay true to it and believe in it. It was your choice and it's always right,as long as there is optimism,enthusiasm,gratitude and excitement attached to it. 
As long as your vibration is high on positive energy,good things and good people will always come your way ,even if you were stripped of everything you ever had. That is just a law of life.

Thirdly... you must stop deceiving yourself. I need you to ask yourself: What do I really want and how does it makes me feel like? If it brings you happiness and joy while thinking of it,if it makes you feel good in general,that for sure means it will materialize into reality very soon.That means you want what you want for a right  reasons. But if you think you want your relationship to work because you don't want to have "people talking" ,face "public embarrassment ",get your parents upset or because you think you can't do without your partner's financial support or her home cooked meals,then ,my friend,YOU don't really want it. At least not for yourself.

Forgive and learn how to express yourself and listen to understand ,not to replay. No one knows where shoes you wear hurts the most. To you,nothing will ever be bigger than your own sacrifice,effort and heartache . But it is exactly the same way your partner feels like.As I said, there is no wrong and right,everything is just a matter of perspective,but lack of mutual empathy can never make a relationship between two imperfect human beings healthy.

Finally,"unfinished business" will always hunt your soul. The only way you can "earn" freedom to finish with one chapter of your life and  move on is when you,from the bottom of your heart, between you and God Almighty, know you gave your absolute best  and things still didn't happen to work out.

Always remember :
You were not brought into this world to suffer so never allow anyone make you feel bad because you decided not to settle for it,and....
....What is coming is better than what is gone.
Do not be scared.
Life is a beautiful journey but the main rewards always goes to brave ones .