Friday 30 October 2015

See What I Tell Them When They Ask Me If My "Body/Looks" Is All I Have to "flaunt " 3:)

Beauty VS brain?

They say we should never judge a book by it's cover,and somehow we always end up doing it (consciously or unconsciously),I guess human's mind always have a tendency to simplify the world around us and that is the reason why we try to "categorize" million and one thing we see per day in 10 different "boxes" based on simple physical characteristics that catch our eye. That's the way we create stereotypes. I guess (unconsciously) we don't want to exhaust our brain while he is receiving so many different signals and informations by trying to  "spot the difference" between people that look alike physically, and understanding that things around us are definitely not black and white as it seems.
Me personally,as a girl/woman,was underestimated billion and one time because of the way I look like. No ,it doesn't upset me (at least not anymore) because I understood that there is absolutely nothing personal about it and that's simply how our brains work. 
What used to upset me is when females take their time to look good,dress nicely,take care of themselves  and their bodies,look all hot and sexy (note: I am not talking about vulgarity), and someone dares to come with " Why y'all so superficial? Is your look all that matters? Is it all you have to offer? Why do you have to flaunt your body? Can't you show us your brain..? " 
1) If you assumed that I am superficial thinking "I have no other interest in life but to "flaunt" my looks/curves/clothes", all based on how I look like,than what does it make you? Concluding about people you hardly know based on their appearance? Ain't that a form of superficiality?
2) If I can manage to keep my physics looking decent and appealing,If I put effort and discipline in it and hard work as well (oh yes, it doesrequires some hard work and dedication),is it not something to be proud of? Does it tell something more about my personal features ?
3) One thing doesn't AUTOMATICALLY exclude other. I can take care of my outer beauty,and still put plenty time and effort to educate,develop and grow myself spiritually,mentally and emotionally. We could also have this conversation in your first language but would you understand a word if I start speaking in my own?Must you abound your physical beauty for the sake of having inner one? I don't think so. 
4) Who doesn't like good looks? Understand the difference between sexuality/sensuality and vulgarity and pornigrahy . We all like seeing beautiful things. Double standards ,yuck. Gerrouthahere! 
5) Beauty has different levels and different states and comes out in so many different ways. We are a whole package. Every part of our being,both visible and invisible are important and need to be maintained. It gotta shine baby !Not for the sake of others,but for the sake of ourselves. It's also not about any standards society sets,but the truth is,you need to use all your potentials and take the best of you- in every possible way,so you can feel good about yourself. It will help you grow your confidence and Confidence is the key!
6) I know our generation is getting scattered with tones of rubbish we are daily being influenced via massive media,and it's hard to maintain spiritual,mental and emotional growth,but you can have it all.
7) I know you!!! Don't let anyone tell you how you must sacrifice this for that! Nah,I won't take it! You can take their breaths away with your sharp mind ,skills,talents,hard work, steal their heart with your beautiful,big soul and look like a gorgeous  doll if you like! Be beautiful in your own way,it's not a sin! All with make up,hair and body on fleek. Lol. 
Let nobody limit you. Let nobody stop you.
At the end of the day,no explanations owned.  No matter how amazing you are inside,some will still be obsessed with the fact you are embarrassing your sensuality as a woman. But that has nothing to do with you. It's their shallow minds.
Why ?
Because you can be anything you want to be. Just keep it all classy and love yourself first. 
Ohh sure you will... you are one beautiful,bad ass Queen! 

Thursday 29 October 2015

Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Yourself

Our minds are very  busy processing so many different things and informations daily,million and one worry,stress and doubt,our hearts often feel fear,insecurities,sadness,but what we often forget is to take our time and once in a while think of what makes us so miraculous!
You are such a special,unique,powerful,beautiful creature! A super human!You have done so many amazing things so far ,you are not even aware of! See what I found- a Quick reminder for you guys:

1) You've changed people's lives

Whether you know it or not, you have changed the lives of people around you – those people you’ve touched, had your stories and fates intertwine, who you’ve shared moments with or just casually met but hit a note somewhere inside.

2) You have power to dream 

Do not underestimate this. The power to dream is the power to create. You are a creator of your own destiny.Since you can dream and envision possible futures, you are setting in motion your life all the time.You are doing this right now as you read these messages.

3) You can look into somebody's eyes and heal

A look in the eyes can express a thousand words. Sometimes we are lost in words which can either help or frustrate, but when you connect with someone through the eyes you can change his or her feelings in a moment.It has the power to dissolve fear, install hope, convey comfort and love and most of all heal and soothe.

4) You have won over some fears

It’s a certainty that you have experienced hundreds of fears in your life. Some you are still coping with but some others you have overcome. This is also a certainty. Congratulate yourself. You are really amazing!
5)You've said and done something inspiring 

Again you might not have even noticed this but you most certainly did or said something at some point that inspired someone.
You seeded a thought, an idea or a feeling that made the other person change something even if you were not given credit for it. Don’t deny this: You are a truly inspiring person.

6) You own the most powerful instrument in the world 

You take it for granted every second in your life when you ideate, think, deduct or talk but you have the most powerful instrument known on this planet – your mind. It’s natural engineering is sheer amazement.
It can keep on learning and evolving knowledge till the day you die. It’s a great rarity in the Universe – one out of trillions and trillions of life form mutations and possibilities.

7) You have helped me go on

You as a reader with your feedback, social sharing or just knowing that you are reading this have summoned the courage in me to keep on writing and hopefully helping others along the way. I want to say THANK YOU for being amazing and helping me out. You have been a blessing in my life. You have inspired me and changed my life, gave me the power to dream while you were being a vehicle of love. Yes, you are amazing!


Wednesday 28 October 2015

Keeping Your Home Safe: Are You Each Other's Blessing Or Punishment? Friends or Total Strangers?

While growing up seemed like it was nearly impossible to satisfy my parents - they were always more focused on what I "did wrong" or "didn't do well" while everything good I did was considered as something I was simply obliged to do ( "don't expect me to clap for you because you decided to...").

You remember these moments (I bet you do!) you felt like life was just so unfair because all your mom was doing was nagging,being unsatisfied,hardly appreciative and always comparing you to the other kids while making all your efforts seem so tiny, totally "expectable","ordinary",unnoticeable and irrelevant compering to what she "gave you in return"?

You were young but,still,let me ask you,between you and I : How did you feel at that point of time? Angry?Sad? Unappreciated? Misunderstood? Helpless? Felt like running away?Was there constant fear that you might be doing something wrong? Some maybe felt not loved enough?Worthless?

Even though now you clearly know you parents love you more than anything in this world and all this "torture" was always out of the best intention,most of the time this kind of "approach" had an opposite/side effect at some point - moment you taste a bit of freedom or autonomy you feel like doing everything opposite you been told. Rebellion and Revolt yea? Bad is all they see anyways. 

I suppose we all grown ups now. So imagine,today,at your age,someone who suppose to be your backbone,best friend,your main source of love,support and understanding while facing a life is making you feel like this (again)? Out of love,out of fear,out of insecurities,doesn't really matter. What matters is the final effect you will have on the person you share your life with.

If you love them,speak life into them.
If you chose him/her by your good,free will,then believe in your choice. "I got you baby,it's ok,we can do it,Don't worry things are happening in our favor,Im here to hold you down." might be enough to give your loved one a wings to fly and supernatural strength to believe,later preform miracles.

Tell him/her how great he/she is,how you believe there is nothing he/she can't do. Tell him/her you are proud. Show him/her you amazed. Trust him/her. Encourage him/her with positive mind,thoughts and faith. Discover each other's powers.Don't judge,don't nag. The reason you know your partner's "dirty laundry" is because he/she trusted you enough to share it with you and he/she needs you to console him/her in return. Not judge. Appreciate honesty. Stop this silly "police questioning",instead-go have fun together!You both must be free of drama so you can give and get the best out of you and still get to enjoy it-together.

You should be a blessing to each other,not a punishment.

Read to understand how amazing your life is (in case you forgot!)

All the things you crave/want so desperately would not make sense if you loose some priceless things you have now but you are very often taking it for granted.Take your time-be thankful. Every day of your life. Let gratitude fill your heart with joy,excitement,love and let it make you understand how blessed you are. Your life is truly beautiful and amazing. At this minute,as you are reading this ,there are millions of people praying for what you already have. Note that to yourself . 

5 Ways To Release Attachment To Past Relationships

With experience comes wisdom,but what to do when luggage you carry along with you all the way from the past becomes too heavy and distracting? What happens very often is that we bring issues,frustrations,bitterness and unsolved problems from our past relationships to a brand new ones and most of the time we are not even aware of it,thinking how there must be something damn about us that is making us attract all the "same old madness " over and over again. 

If you want to enjoy better things that are sent your way and give the best of you to a person that truly deserves it,build a healthy relationship and love (and let other person love you) freely and correctly ,you will have to get rid of that heavy,old,dusty,luggage and relief your mind,heart and soul.
I've found 5 tips to do so:

1) Be willing! 
It’s the first step in fixing any problem, be willing to fix the problem. If you are fresh out of a relationship, it may not truly be time to let go of your attachments.It’s important to feel all the feelings when a relationship ends. Don’t rush it. But if time has passed and you know you’re ready, say it out loud. “I’m ready to let go.
2) Write it all down 

There’s something therapeutic about keeping a journal and writing how you feel in it. It’s like it takes the energy from those negative emotions and puts it on the page.Not only that, but writing it all out helps you process and figure out how you really feel about things too.
3) Find a good in it all
Every relationship we experience in our lives, be it platonic or romantic, can teach us important life lessons. It doesn’t matter how hurt you may be, your previous relationships have a lot to teach you if you’re willing to find the positive in it.
4) Be compassionate 

When you’re hurt, it’s easy to turn that hurt on the rest of the world. Instead, act with compassion. Show kindness to everything. Spend some time volunteering. Get to know some new people. Create positivity in the world.

5) Find your version of happiness 

Society tells us how to be happy, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Find what’s needed for you to be happy. Figure out what things you like to do and do them. Learn to be happy on your own. Happiness comes from within, not from external sources.

What y'all think?


Tuesday 27 October 2015

7 Signs You're In Love With The Wrong Person

1)You're putting more into it than them 

You find yourself putting more of yourself into the relationship than them. You’re responsible for so much more in every area of your lives. They sit around while you do all the work to keep life going.

2) They exhaust you

And not in a good way. You should feel loaded with energy when you’re around the one you love, not totally stressed and exhausted.

3) You don't look forward to doing things with them 

This is the clearest sign something is wrong.You’re set to go do something fun and instead of being excited you're dreading them.

4) There just isn't any spark 

Maybe there was a time when the spark was there, but now, life is boring.Relationships should bring out excitement and enthusiasm, not strain you and bore you.
5) You can't picture the future together 

Ten years from now, where do you see yourself? In another city? Working another job? Having kids? Having a dog? If you can’t picture them in your life, it’s time to move on.
6) You feel defensive 

If you feel like you have to defend yourself against the one you love, you may love the wrong person. You shouldn’t have to protect yourself against them of all people.
7) You don't want to bring them around people you like

Bringing them home for the holidays or out for a night on the town with your pals seems like an awful idea. It’s almost as though you’re embarrassed by them. It’s yet another sign.
Do you agree?


What makes people "change" after they get married?

Did you hear people complaining how "things always change after you get married "? Like ,all enjoyment and fun vanish and get replaced with nagging,drama,tension,complains even regrets. How one or another partner "changed" ,became "cold",and things are simply not the same anymore. 
As I told you guys (million times),everything that is happening in our lives comes out of our state of mind. The moment we change attitude towards certain things in life ,it automatically changes these things in our perspective and the way we see them. The truth is and a reason I disliked institution of Marriage for so long ,was because of annoying and unnecessary pressure and expectations people (society) put and attach to marriage. And ,in my opinion (still,even though I am married now) I feel like it's so silly to let one piece of paper affect,shake and influence the whole nature of relationship you used to have with your partner. People be acting like "now you are mine,I have right to...." ,"we are married now,you are forbidden to...", "not anymore,we are married now...", "you can't dress like that anymore you are a married woman/man" etc..
It's like gradually switching from democracy to dictatorship. We are humans,who normal likes feeling caged?
I mean,there must be a compromise from both sides in every healthy relationship,during the time ,step by step,you learn how to function with person you love,and out of that love you simply won't do certain things that your partner dislike,and on the other hand,your partner suppose to love you for who you are and because of that ,he won't ask from you to abound your own nature and become somebody  you are not.
That is why I am always saying that you should always give more importance to the quality of your relationship,learn how to put yourself in shoes your loved one is wearing and understand that peace,joy,support,loyalty,honesty and understanding are the most important features and try to keep them healthy instead of worrying about "what will people say" and giving so much attention to a piece of paper that says that you are somebody's wife/husband ,because,in reality,it doesn't really change much. In fact,If you wasn't happy with your partner's behavior before marriage,you will definitely be even less happy with it now that you are married and you will end up turning into a very frustrated and bitter person (very unpleasant to be around) holding on to a piece of paper so desperately  while demanding your partner to change because "you are married now!". You simply don't build this things in marriage,you do it way before you decide to spend a life with someone.
My advice is - don't take formalities too serious. It won't stop someone from misbehaving it will only add to drama,frustration and depression. Think well- If you are not satisfied with a quality of a relationship with your partner, don't expect that something magical will happen and change his/hers behavior once you two get married.
If you are happy with your partner,then just continue doing you(two) without letting formality district your behavior,perception and points of view.
Stay playful,have fun,laugh,go out,tease each other. There must be a space for adventure,bit of wildness and excitement, and most importantly-don't forget to be each other's best friends.
It suppose to be a foundation of everything else that comes on top of it.

Do you belong to a category of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ?

Now I want you to have a serious,HONEST conversation with yourself. According to this ,which category you belong?
If it's number 2,you need to work on yourself. Your state of mind is everything. Change it and it will shape your life in a different way. There is enough for everyone. Period. When other people's success doesn't upset you ,that only means you don't doubt your own blessings,you OWN IT. You don't feel threatened because you know that what's for you cannot be for anyone else. No fear.
We live a lives in abundance.
Let's all go get it!

Monday 26 October 2015

Young Moms 2 : Why do people feel like they have right to tell you how you should live your life? Happened to you? So annoying right!

Why human kind can be so annoying? Did it happen to you? Like,you just give birth,you still didn't recover from labor,you still didn't get to pull yourself together and understand the new situation you found yourself in and the way your life changed and somebody is already all up in your face asking "When you gonna give us another one?". 
Well,damn. "How dare you?" instantly crossed my mind.
So officially,for those ones that are busy squeezing faces because we (my husband and I )  openly decided that we will wait some few years (let's say 5) until we try for a next baby like it's a bad,terrible thing,I suggest you to take a several seats. Can't y'all just let people be?
This is not a middle century,don't ever let anyone pressure you,or compare you to this sister that neighbor who is "your age and already got 3 of them".
All this people are not the ones that will take care of your child,and no matter how much your family/friends try to be supportive and helpful,the truth we both know is that you will(naturally and expectably) probably be the only one who will have to do the major "work",the most beautiful work in the world thou,but only in case you are sure between you and yourself that you are ready not when someone else decides for you. 

Every normal woman loves her child more than anything in the world,there is nothing left to prove,and NOBODY else can know better than you (you two) what is the best for your family,so don't let anyone make you feel bad or guilty because you dared to be "selfish enough " to also love your own life,yourself and maybe your career. That does not make you less of a woman/mother. You don't need to kill yourself to show that you are a "correct" woman who loves her child and her family. Nobody will give you award at the end of the day. Don't let yourself turn into a hysterical,bitter,angry woman- Don't forget that you have to be happy and fulfilled so you can be capable of giving the best of you to your loved ones. 
So,yes my darling,you can relax.Enjoy! It's ok to have fun. It's not a sin. You deserve it. Pamper yourself,go out if you like,have fun,love your little family and focus on your career if that makes you happy. Do you. You are so important too!
That's exactly what I am going to do. And it still won't stop me from being the best mom to my son.
More prosperity,more success,more progress ,more fun,more enjoyment and more money on our way. 
Life is just about to start!

Sunday 25 October 2015

Young moms - Life after childbirth, Mission : Getting your life back :)

Well guys,honestly,I'm so happy that I finally got my life back! :) I have always been an outgoing "waka waka" kind of person and I could hardly stay in one place. I traveled this world upside down,learnt how to speak plenty different languages,came across and met so many different cultures,I love people,I love learning,I am business minded woman,working challenges me and makes me feel fulfilled, and yes, I love partying and having fun! I am just a vibrant young lady with a bit of wild,savage,stubborn nature in me. 

Luckily,my husband and I are pretty much alike,and despite the fact he is coming from a strict,traditional Nigerian home,he knows the true me so he never really tried  to change me or put a pressure on me (I think he just loves me the way I am) ,and I truly,really appreciate and love him for that. The truth is,we are all different and I am simply not a "housewife" type of person (which doesn't mean I don't know how to do things,in fact I make perfect afang soup (my husband's favorite) and I find cooking fun and easy,it's not a rocket science like some ladies act like duhh ) but sitting in the house all day everyday can only make me depressed,besides I don't ever want to feel like anybody's maid.

So now,step by step,I am getting my life back. It wasn't that easy since I am breastfeeding my child (he just turned 4 months) so he needs me very often around him,but I learnt how to function with a baby in my life,and guess what? I finally feel like I can breathe. Getting back to your old self is such a beautiful feeling. And you know what amazes me? That you don't really need to sacrifice as much as I thought (or been told smh),it's just a question of a good organization. I feel like I just accomplished one huge mission of my life. Yeyyy!

So my beautiful ladies,don't worry! Don't let anyone make you feel quilty because yoy crave your life "back". I know how much you love your child and the fact you wish to have some time for yourself doesn't make you selfish or bad. Enjoyment is not a sin,don't let anyone make you feel like you need to suffer/"kill yourself" to prove how good or dedicated mother you are. If you just gave birth and you are going through depression and tough time,trust me when I tell you-its going to get better in a minute ! Your life is not over-in fact: the most amazing things are yet to come!
Let me share some photos of mine,Gosh I can't lie,I had some fun ,my new social life makes me emotional ohhh:))

Thursday 22 October 2015

A major Life Goal

There is power,challenge,excitement and love in every moment and there is something extraordinary,magical and miraculous in every single day. Stop taking present for granted. Stop postponing your happiness.

Can marriage be escape from loneliness?

Now back to the matter. We was discussing the most common wrong criteria people use to choose a life partners.

Loneliness. Nobody likes loneliness. Such an empty,sad feeling. Sometimes (often) goes hand to hand with depression. It can affect our self confidence and make us feel that the reason we are alone is because we are not good or worthy enough to keep people in our lives.

Gradually desperation takes over our lives to the point we are ready to go to the Moon and back for anyone who throw us even a tiny little piece of attention,setting our standards so low since we are in constant fear that person could just get up and walk away from our lives and leave us all alone. Again. 

Settling for a life with somebody for the sake of escaping from loneliness  is the biggest mistake you can do. No matter how logical it seems ,no relationship with other person will benefited you now. The problem is solvable only between you and yourself,so the only relationship you should focus on at this moment is the one with that beautiful person you see in the mirror.

Learn to be happy alone. It's everyday's practice of self love and self understanding. All this things you crave to hear/see from another person: sweet talks,surprises,compliments-dare to do it yourself for yourself! At some point you will get where you want to be and it will be so worth it-you will feel so good and you will understand that you already have all it takes for happiness and inner peace. 

Once you get there,your standards will (logically) get way higher and you will be way more selective about who you let come close to your precious self and it will bring you the wisdom to understand that not everyone deserves the best of you.
It will work in your favor because once you learn how to create happiness in your life by yourself,you won't settle for anything less from anyone else who enters into your life. 

"Add into my happiness or I don't need you. If I am a creator of my happiness,you simply can't be the reason why I am unhappy. It won't be tolerated".

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Own it!!

Everything you can imagine is real! Spread positivity and good news.
You already have everything it takes! It's yours! Own it!

Love or Money ? Or both + Empire?

Who wants to suffer? Who wants to lack good things in this life?
On the other hand,there is that guy who got 100$ in his pocket but he will a find a way to get you 150$. He is ready to spend the last dime on you because he wants to make sure that you are ok. Because what you need became a priority for him to the point he will put his own needs aside.
True,nobody wants a poor man. Nobody likes to suffer.
But my love,I need you to open your eyes well. I need you to be wise: if you recognize potential,passionate ambition,if you feel his powerful vision and strong will to work so hard to get where he wants to be in that kind of guy-guess what-jackpot!
Don't let empty illusions blind you.He might not be where he wants to be at the moment,but that kind of a man can never be a poor man. With the same ambition,passion,determination and vision in you, you two will eventually build an empire,and you will be each other's backbone. You will be each other's source of strength,faith and magical driving force that will make nothing seem impossible. This journey will make your bond unbreakable,your trust strong and your love,friendship and loyalty deep.

And when you finally get to drive THAT car and live in THAT mansion,you will hold hand of someone who was there for you,someone you will always be there for,someone who shares your vision. Your dream. And who cares about your heart.
Someone who sees you as his BLESSING. Not as a temporary trophy. 
You don't need to sacrifice one thing for the sake of another.
You will have it all,it will just take little bit longer but its yours! IJN! 
And it's definitely going to be so worth it!

I just want to marry a rich guy!

When I was younger I was completely convinced that solution to pretty much all life problems is to marry rich. Seemed like a very easy way to get a  life of your dreams. I mean,why would you suffer?

Of course,you want a good life for yourself. You want comfort. Even luxury. And that is very ok. No,it's not a crime.Who ever gives you a moral lessons about how wrong this is,person is not being real. I totally understand you. 

Being a young,beautiful girl in the world where everybody wants to "change your life",spend,buy,spoil etc means a world full of temptations. "I mean,this could be an opportunity of my life" you think. Ticket to a life you always wished for. You will finally live like a Queen you are. You will get it and you will get it now. You can't possibly settle for anything less. See how beautiful you are!
But what's next?

Have you ever bothered..What will happen when he finally wins you?
Will he still be busy trying to impress you?
Or...? Or things might change. You are already his very own property. Challenge is over,he won. 

Expensive gifts,surprises,exotic trips..oh he used to be so generous,what is happening?

The truth is,calculation went wrong..somewhere..somehow.
If someone is using only 1% of what he have to impress you/buy you/control you ,what does it tells you about efforts he is putting in to please you?If he had to sacrifice anything for that sake would he? Are you on his priority list like that? Doesn't matter how generous he seems,and how exotic these trips are and how powerful your new car looks like,we have to agree-it's just a tiny little change comparing to what he really have.1 to 10% maximum.
I hear you saying "so what"? Well..
Material things give illusion of happiness. Happened to me so many times - that moment I got something I was "dying for" after few days I totally lost interest in it. Them new expansive shoes,that car,a complete lifestyle. Just some moments after you get it,it doesn't really mean a thing anymore. So if material pleasure is the foundation of your relationship with another person,and If he puts 1% of himself in everything he does for you (no matter how big it seems at the moment)then what will happen when life "hits" you? 

Will this kind of a man be there for you if you get sick? Will he hold your hand when you realize you just lost your parent? Will he be there with his heart and soul or with that 1% of himself he been offering you ever since? 
When your child starts giving you headaches,when you lose something or someone important to you,when loneliness and helplessness kicks in... Who will hold you tight?
Will he be capable of seeing your beauty and wisdom that comes out as you are aging? Appreciate your power as a woman?
Will he value and cherish your amazing unique nature? 
Don't put yourself in the situation where you have to compromise and trade something that is a purpose of our existence as humans for a permanent material pleasure. Why? Not because it's "morally wrong " but simply because ,at the end of the day,you won't feel happy. From "all I ever wanted " to a huge bedroom filled with emptiness,pain,regrets and bunch of branded shoes. 

Will you ever be "allowed" to be you? To let your true nature out? Potentials,ideas,opinions? Some men use their wealth as a weapon of control,way to prove their superiority and fix their self esteem issues. That is why don't ever put yourself  in the situation where you don't have a choice left. Don't let anyone turn you into a property. Accessories. Don't turn into a box somebody will use to dispose their complexes and insecurities. Don't let nobody own you.

It's not about "right/wrong". You simply won't ever be truly happy at the end of a day. 
Trust me,I know.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Aren't you afraid of unhealthy,unhappy marriage? What of divorce?

People often act like marriage is the last stop and the end of one huge journey. Finally married. Done deal. Ok ,nice,congrats! You are finally settled! But.. What now? You have to realize that it's not the end but a beginning of one new,totally unknown chapter of your life. 

Sharing life with somebody could be a beautiful thing but truth to be told,it's not going to be easy all the time. It wasn't easy sharing a roof even with your parents despite the fact they love you unconditionally and you know them since forever. 
Imagine now which kind of wisdom,patience,compromise,love and good will you need to create a peaceful home with your partner.

We often can't wait to find the "right one" and  get married ,but aren't you afraid of unhappy marriage that is source of pain and frustration instead love,peace and joy? Before you know,people are getting divorced and you are there wandering why? What is wrong with our generation? 

The truth is,the idea of marriage is always there,in our heads,but a lot of us still don't  have a clear idea of what marriage really suppose to be about. What is the real purpose and meaning of it ?
Is it ticket to a better life? Must I marry because I am just feeling so awkward being single in this my "old" age? Or is it because I want to prove my friends that yes,I am also getting married. Is it a sort of a business contract for you? Or a way to escape from loneliness and desperation? You are "not getting any younger" and you want to hush annoying family that is being on your case for too damn long?

The key of happy marriage is in setting your criteria right while choosing your life partner,but today's society and twisted values it brainwashes us with helps us create a completely wrong perception of what we think we need and look for when it comes to union between two people and we are leaded by wrong criteria and that is exactly the reason why today a lot of people are stuck in unhealthy marriages that have been nothing more than source of suffering and frustrations. 

In next few posts we will discuss the most common mistakes we make while setting our criteria we use to help us choose our life partners and help you predict problems and life situations they can bring you in! Keep up!

Thursday 8 October 2015

Are you aware of how powerful your mouth is ?

Maybe (probably) you heard it before but you didn't take it serious. Now I want you to really pay attention: you are an extraordinary powerful creature and your power lives in your mouth.

Your mouths is your golden ticket to living the life of your dreams or ticket to hell-it's up to you. I am a living example of this and my life is a testimony. If you only know how fast I attract things I want with every word that comes out of my mouth because I am aware of my superpowers,you would be shocked. But guess what-It works for everyone,I just payed little extra attention and time analyzing and studying this phenomenon. 

My conclusion is : if you only knew  the power your words posses you would never ever dare to say anything bad. It's not easy like it seems,I KNOW (especially when you dealing with your dark moments) but you have to tame yourself. Tame your mouth. You have total control over it. That's why I'm always telling you guys - stop complaining. One complaint leads to another ( so contagious,spreads like a disease) but ask yourself - do you really want to breathe life into things you are saying? "Can't trust no one ", "life is so hard","world is full of evilness","I'm so unlucky","I am a magnet for bad guys" ,"All my relationships always fall apart","I will never find a normal job" , "Money I make is never enough ", "Guys never take me seriously" , "All men cheat" etc..

Have you recognized yourself? Funny enough,we don't even use this lines when we are truly upset. We use it in every days conversations. We repeat it way more often then we are aware. While drinking our drinks with friends,or on our way home with colleagues. 

Read this piece as much as you need. Anytime you need. It's here for you! But I want you to understand this once and for all: You can shape and mould your life with your words. You can create a life you want. Or you can invite all your fears when it comes to money,marriage,success,happiness and life in general. I know you get scared,I know you get disappointed,so I do,but you have understand and trust power within you that is strong enough to change any situation you are facing at the moment. 
Try it and get back at me: make a change,Speak words of encouragement,compliment,support,show love. To other and most importantly- to yourself and life you are blessed with. 

"And God said 'LET THERE BE...............
And there was.............. ! "

Wednesday 7 October 2015

What a turn on!!! Could not say it any better!

Do you agree ?

Life excites me so much!

Fighting depression? Step that will bring you closer to peace,happiness and prosperity

When life happens to us and when we face moments we would rather skip,we often put ourselves in a role of a victim-we complain,moan and cry on loud,claiming how life has been so unfair to us acting like this world owe us so much for everything we been through . "Could it get any worse?"; "Why always me?";"I knew it,bad things are ALWAYS happening to me!" etc.. Familiar?

The truth is,acting a victim won't make anyone gift you a medal because "life is always harsh to you". It does not make you a hero. In fact,labeling yourself as a "victim" is the easiest thing to do !It doesn't require any single effort from you. But it means you settled for helplessness,suffering,self pity  and idea that you simply don't deserve all good life has to offer because you are "not lucky like that".
Since people will not pity you for too long because you will push them away and they will get tired of you and move on with their own business,nether this kind of attitude will bring you prosperity,success,fulfillment and most of all - happiness,you gotta get rid of it!

You have all you need to get whatever you wish for. It takes ONLY you. The way we see our lives and ourselves is what we become. 
There is always a choice. You know how they say : glass could be half empty or half full - it's truly up to you. Everything starts and ends in our minds.

Instead of crying over your "cruel destiny" take a piece of paper and write down your blessings. Say Thank You. Count your blessings. Don't be lazy to do so. I know it's probably the last thing you feel like doing in dark hours,but force yourself. I promise It will instantly bring you happiness,console and feed your soul and melt the dark fog of self pity,frustration and ungratefulness around you so you can see all the amazing opportunities that are coming your way. 
Clear your eyes.
You have so much.
You are truly blessed!