Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How Can Other Woman Snatch Your Man Away ?

How many times presence of a beautiful woman around you and your man made you feel uncomfortable? Moment you see a fine lady ,all dressed up,in tight clothes embracing her body confidently walk in,you feel a sharp pain in your chest.First you feel intimidated.Anxious. Pained. Then ,with anger and squeezed face you are analyzing your partner's body language. Face expression. Gesticulation. Oh mine. Did she just made that sassy eye contact with him ? It can't be! Your heart beats so fast you feel like throwing a scene just there in front of everyone. Then thoughts start kicking in: what would happen if you was not there? All these women walking freely,ready to snatch someone's man! Yes,that's what all of these bitches are up to! See the way she is dressed? Like she is on a mission,up to no good! You have a strong,deep need to say something nasty.Her hair,nose,dress.. Ha,see her waist trainer. Her bra is so padded,Gosh.You must say it on loud. Bring her down,yes.Let your man hear : she is not all that. 


Living under such tension can't be easy my sister. This much stress can cause a heart attack.For real.
There clearly is a problem..
Do you really think that this woman,or any other is a true source of your issue?

Let's be realistic: God is so generous. He created millions of beautiful people. Millions of gorgeous women.Breast and ass everywhere. All different races,colors,shades and flavors..
So what you gonna do about that?
Feel intimidated?


Your problem can't be out there. Your issue is just in front of you.
Do you trust your  partner?
What did you settle for?
Do you know your own worth?
What exactly is your relationship based on?

Dear sister.
I can assume that your man is not mentally ill (don't make me use word "retarded").
And I don't think any other person can force "poor little thing" into something he is not willingly ready to get into.

If a woman likes,she can flirt with a guy or strip naked in front of him in order to seduce him.
You can't expect her to respect your relationship status unless she is maybe your friend or a family member. Otherwise,she has zero (moral) obligations towards you. Straight up.

But the person that has a moral obligation and commitment towards you is your Mr Man and the way he responds to the "provocation" is what truly means a thing.

And please,stop looking for idiotic excuses on your man's behalf.
Men are not senseless animals (at least not all of them).
Don't come tell me "a man will always be a man" like they have a genetic code that would make them follow every female that shows a little interest in them.
I know tones of good guys.I have mostly male friends  and I can tell you for sure: there are men with standards. There are men with principles. There are men that take  pride in the fact that they are just not for everyone.
Not every guy is a thirsty whore.

Everything is a matter of what we settle for.
Just do not let a guy make you feel like IT'S NORMAL for you to feel like you are in a competition with the rest of the world just because he acts like a horny,thirsty ass teenager. Other women have nothing to do with the fact loyalty is not highly rated in his personal system of values. So,be careful who you choose to call names-"bitch" is not always a woman.

Secondly,even with the most loyal men by their side,some women still feel threatened. But again,that has nothing to do with other females out there. That simply means you have to work on yourself,self love and self confidence (I have many posts that would help you build up your self esteem,check my blog further).

Insecurity is a sing of vulnerability and weakness.

But,when woman is in peace with herself,once she is aware of her worth and of what defines her ,she will understand how irreplaceable and  irresistible she truly is and and how crazily in love her man is with her. Confident woman is a powerful woman indeed.

Then,other women will stop appearing as a threat.
You will no more have an urge to bring them down with malice and mean comments,but your confidence will make you wanna embrace and compliment other woman's beauty on loud,even in a presence of your man.
Beauty is to be admired isn't it ?
Give a sister some credit for that fine body or gorgeous smile ;)
Malice and squeezed face full of nasty attitude makes even the most beautiful woman seem so miserable and unattractive,even in the eyes of her man.

Relax,have fun,smile
You are more then enough.

And remember,
What is truly yours,can never be for someone else.



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  2. ma girlfriends need to read this one

  3. I am a guy and I must say I agree with this your write up. Almost every girl I ever dated was annoyingly jealous and uncomfortable everytime we are at the place with plenty gals (like clubs etc)That is y most of my guys go out without their women bcs it's impossible to hv fun with someone who is constantly upset or angry. Thanks, bless,kudos to ur family

  4. Sonia u r notin bt a runz gal. Foolish ashawo . Itz only diz ur fake ass n dat useless yellow skin dat kip ur foolish so called husband around. U r a shameless bitch. Wat do u no? plz do us all a favor n go bck whereva u came frm . Idiot

    1. You are so pained. You go wherever you want to go and leave Sonia for us.

    2. I pity you. This blog is amazing and it could use u to learn a thing or two,but nah you choose to stay empty-brained. Shame .

    3. You need help,i wonder how you are living your life full of hate i wish i can give u advice but i can't,is just God who can help you because looking at all this you are ruins already

    4. Ooooo.... Is this evil and jealousy? Cccc

  5. u get sense. not like all dis babes dat will try to suffocate u wit jealousy n bitterness. all dat drama 4 nothing n i aint even cheating

  6. chai i can see ppl hatin

  7. Sonia please keep writing for us,do not mind pained idiots. Some people are just jealous and jealousy is illness. Thanks for this. Love you my mentor

  8. I need your help,sent you an email yesterday hope to get respond soon .

  9. all men are dogs

  10. You such a sweetheart I have always wanted to build myself up about this now am going to put the best I have to make it part of me... And for those hating. You should go and die.Sonia you are so beautiful. Am looking forward to at least have your kind of body even if its little

  11. I don't normally comment but I must say that you are so special. I have met you once at Ikoyi few months ago,and I must say you are really so pleasant and sweet young woman in person too! You and your husband are so bubbly and so in love ,humble and kind. Your blog has been my source of strength and motivation for months now. I really appreciate you. Do not mind foolish people.
    Kisses n hugs

  12. Mama Ace i love you for this...God bless u too much with all ur heart desires this writings are life and has helped build my self confidence... plz ignore haters... Ur a rare woman so ppl must be jealous

  13. Im sure ur husband is a gay sonia be honest can he even fuck u

    1. He likes guys admit sonia ur marriage is fake stop pretending u should expose him

    2. U no de fear god abi

  14. God bless u for me....learning a lot from your blog....

  15. Y'all that commenting under anonimous just to insult her y'all need God to save you! I can't even imagine how miserable your lives are. No body is perfect even pastors or Imam they say follow our preaching but not what we do. This lady is taking most of her time encouraging others and y'all up here in her business want to bring her down, listen it will not be well with your lives if y'all don't change. Learn to love, to be beautiful and most of all learn to mind your damn business. Sonia You are amazing and I know this can't do you anything keep it up.

  16. Don't mind fools Sonia. You started something different. Your platform is unique and much needed. Every blog in Nigeria is about gossip. We need to grow . We need to learn. And for all that we need a daily source of motivation and inspiration. Thank you for coming our way. My love for you is increasing every day.

    1. Wise talk. Reallyyy wise talk.

  17. Its all about self worth and confidence! Yeeeaaaahh! Thanks girl! Luv u!

  18. So we shd disrespect our men abi smh u forget dis is a mans world we need to fight for wats our own stop being foolish

    1. Which kind of idiotic comment is this? You are a village illiterate

    2. May God insert a common sense in your empty head.

  19. Replies
    1. I don't understand your comment. Honestly

  20. Wow, you are incredible. Your write ups are filled with so much wisdom. Men are not babies that have no control, if he cheated is because he wanted to. A gun was not pointed to his head. Deal with the guy first.

  21. You are awesome Sonia! �� Everyone check out my blog

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