Friday, 15 January 2016

16 Reasons Why You Should Stop Online Checking On People You Dislike/Hate

We can't possibly like everyone. There will always be people we dislike,find annoying and irritating (some even end up hating),weather for a concrete reasons (bad experience,ex partners or friends,partner's exes etc) or without any explainable reason,maybe based on our personal impression,rumors we heard,maybe jealousy and envy..Sometimes we dislike people we have never met (nether we will probably ever meet).
However,social media makes entire world seem like one tiny little village,and it serves us people's lives on a big plate ready to satisfy our nosy nature.

Everybody does Instagram stalking (don't you dare to lie),especially ones that are regularly trying to prove to their followers how "unbothered" they are,but what if our need to lurk here and there turn into an obsession especially when it comes to people which existence (for some reason) makes us angry?

For some reason ,pages and profiles of people we dislike are specially tempting us,but it's truly not a healthy "hobby".

I came with some very good reasons why you should tame your stubborn "looking _for_trouble" nature and just move to things that makes your heart smile instead on focusing on things that makes it burn down.

Let's start:

 1.    It will definitely affect your mood negativity. Having a person that irritates you so much in your mind whole day will stop you from enjoying beautiful things around you
 2.    There is a high possibility that ,if not for social media,you won't even see or hear about people you dislike (I don't like using word "hate") in "real life". So why are you "inviting them over" by yourself?
3. People always tend to share a nice moments on social media. If you are scrolling someone's IG page with a hope to see them doing bad-wrong move. You would only get extra disappointed and extra angry.
4. You will end up (subconsciously) comparing your real life ("behind the scene" life) with someone's well filtered and adjusted presentation of life without being aware. And you would end up hating on yourself . You asked for trouble!
5. Even if you do know how "miserable her life is in reality and how bad her relationship actually is" you will even get extra frustrated with all the positive comments of love and admiration  from "silly naive people that don't know the thing ".
6. Next thing is ,you are deeply sinking into a mixture of anger,hatred,bitterness,you are highly annoyed,irritated with that "fake bitch's life" and you feel like you gotta expose her. Yes this "fools that kiss her ass" must know the truth. Would you dare to go step further?Fake IG account? Sounds Familiar?
7. Even though (for a second) seemed like an amazing way to deal with all negative emotions that are growing in you,don't you think its little bit too much work? New email address,password here password there,now think of username... Just for a sake of few nasty comments  under few well filtered pictures.  Bruh. So many better things to spend your energy at.
8. You do feel bit relieved,they heard piece of your "opinion",but what now? In the best case someone will respond you,in the most realistic case you would get ignored or blocked. Painful indeed.
9. What now ? Another fake page? Nooooo common! Who will remember all these passwords?
10. Point is clear,you waisted so much of your energy for nothing. Negativity won't bring any positive change in your life.
11. And the only person that will end up affected or disturbed is you. Person that is being bullied can solve her issue with one single "block" button.
12. The opportunity to think positive and productive thoughts for a day and make you happy and excited is NOW GONE. Another waisted moment you can't bring back. Never ever.
13. This is a way to feed your soul with negative emotions and it can easily lead your mind to OVERTHINKING. An explosion. Boom. People you dislike (again,I don't like "hate" word) will move into your brain,heart,home not because they wish so but because you choose to dragged them in.
14. It will affect your spiritual peace,also your mood,your self confidence,thoughts,emotions and life.
15. It will stop you from being grateful (which is a key to prosperity) for all the blessings and amazing things you could enjoy in your life only if you choose to focus on them.....
16. ......Which will automatically sabotage and close doors for good things that might were about to come your way just because your mind and heart was deeply somewhere else.

As I said at the begging,you can't possibly like everyone,but you have power over your mind and actions you take. Choose to do something healthy for your soul.

There are ,as well, people you love and admire. People that motivate and inspire you. Doesn't matter if you know them or not.
Choose to direct your focus on them.

My life has drastically changed since I have become very selective  with what I invest my energy,time and focus on- Strictly things and people that makes me happy.
Ever since I stopped "stalking", talking ,thinking ,gisting ,gossiping  about people I don't seem to find so appealing,they lost all importance  in my life.
I choose who and what exists in MY world.


  1. @maam Sonia... forgive me buh I like to refer to u as maam... Am really guilty of this, was stalking a gurls page I assumed was dating ma ex ever since I saw a pix of dem together where she referred to him as boo.... I stalked n stalked n stalked virtually everyday.... The one day I was like common babes this gurl dnt even knw u exist why then do u keep wasting ur data on her page.. I had to stop it... I didn't hate her buh I was just bitter wt the fact that she stole ma over not even wen I had concrete evidence oh just becos of a pix n the word she used to describe the pix, that actually made me loose the guy in question Aldo I dnt regret loosing him buh all u have said is absolutely the truth

    1. Thanks for participating and sharing your story with us! Much love