Friday, 19 August 2016

Anxiety,Depression,Frustration Vs Sings That Something Big Is About To Happen

People will never tell you  that the most normal and natural life changes and circles we go through as human beings are potential sources of emotional breakdowns,confusin,frustration ,anxiety or even depression.

That could be a reason why you are lonely and ashamed of whatever you feel in your heart when some big life changes kicks in. Ironically,we are talking about positive life changes and things that people generally consider as a reasons to rejoice or celebrate,be happy or grateful about - they can also trig particular confusions and emotions that might find you unprepared.

But common Sonia, who doesn't look forward to things like graduation,new job,marriage,parenthood?

We are taught that these are the most beautiful moments in every person's life. Something we all pray for. And that's absolutely true.

But nobody will talk about pressure that every NEW STAGE of life brings.

You see,you can tell me you are ready for marriage,for kids,for new sorts of responsibility but I want to ask you : HOW?

How can we be absolutely prepared for something we never experienced before?
Let's just say : I didn't know how parenthood is like. I could only assume.  I might did a long,deep research on that matter,I grew up watching my family members becoming parents,I even had little kids in my house all my life. Do I know a lot about it? Possible. Was it enough? At all.

It's the same with every other ,new level of our lives  we pass to - just like levels in a video games: you don't know which challenges will find us in every new one we move to. Getting independent and moving out of your parents house,choosing a spouse and getting married,starting a family on your own.. Etc.
You feel lost and you don't know how to pull yourself together?  I am here to tell you that there is nothing to be ashamed of. That anxiety,frustration that is choking you strongly at times... I've been there. That terrible feeling of you being all alone in your emptiness,misunderstanding and pain - happened before to me and many more people.

Your family and friends think you are ungrateful,sad for no reason,( dramatic )and they just don't get you. And day by day you more and more believe  that something is wrong with you yet you feel paralyzed and helpless to save yourself out of that mess that grows in your head. (Is it juju?voodoo? Black magic?). Lol

But my darling,it's all good. You are not going crazy ,nobody bewitched you and I can tell you for sure - you will be fine.

From my experience,I can tell you- it's a sign that something amazing is about to happen. That's why we get tempted to fall. But we won't.

Don't fight it-you will increase it. It's like adding oil on fire. Love. Just love. Accept that you are passing through a faze. It's part of growing. Part of building a better you. In each and every experience lays wisdom. You are earning your own right now.

Smile and Love. Talk love,talk with love,love yourself and love will take over. And Love is our absolute purpose.
Practice self control over your mind. Direct it . Conqur it. Tame it.  It's under your power and comand.

You will pass through it. Breakthrough. And you will know that it didn't kill you-it only helped build you!

Much Love
Share it with whoever needs to read it :)
Let's be there for each other!

Truly yours,
You Sonia


  1. Nice write dear... it got me relieved coz atimes I feel am loosing myself. Thanks a lot for the write up!

  2. Nice write dear... it got me relieved coz atimes I feel am loosing myself. Thanks a lot for the write up!

  3. Reading this today blessed my life thx soniađź’•