Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How to "make" Life give you more - "Principle Of Echo" by Sonia Ogbonna

Yesterday I finally got to learn my lesson. FINALLY!
Hard way thou.
Yesterday, after a serious emotional breakdown  something finally "clicked" in my head - there is reality NOBODY to blame. 
I FINALLY made peace with the fact that whatever I'm going through, whatever I get is nothing more, nothing less  then what I  give out.

Whenever we feel bad about ourselves, our lives, what do we naturally do?  We are so quick to look for who to blame for our condition. 

Who is responsible?
Who "took you for granted"?
Who made your heart bleed?
Who disappointed you?
Who let you down?  
Who is guilty?

The gospel truth is- everything starts and ends in us.  All our problems and all the solutions.
What you really look for is on who to reflect that inner mess and battles you have been fighting deep inside you and set yourself free of responsibly over your own life.

So don't get mad at me when I tell you - whatever you get from life, fate, destiny, people around you is reality nothing less they get from you.

Most of the times, we actually don't see ourselves.

We are so scared of giving too much or  being too good or too kind or too generous  out of fear that we might end up being used, our efforts not being appreciated enough or  taken for granted that most of the times we don't give out what we should to get life respinding us and giving us things we crave.

Instead we complain to life, nag to God, to our friends, families, husbands and wives and moan to entire world on how unfortunate we are.

And yet, we don't see it that way.
Instead we decide that entire world owe us and that we are victims,  that we "always give so much and always get so little because life is unfair, we are unfortunate  and love is pain".

See, I got to understand that entire life functions on a principal of feedback. Life as an echo, speak kindly to it. And it will RESPOND you in a same way.

So don't be afraid to love much. Start with yourself then spread that beautiful, powerful love to everything and everyone  around you.
Don't be stingy or afraid while giving out your kindness and generosity. 

But note: giving is absolutely pointless if it doesn't bring you joy in return. Key is -it must make you feel good.  Giving must make you happy.

Give without expectation of getting anything in return, but for a beauty of spreading something that will make people around you happier.

Now that what we actually call act of love. Anything else is calculation of interest or benefit (and we have courage to claim it  LOVE, smh). 

Open your heart to love, positivity and generosity, speak kindly to yourself and the world around you and watch your life transforming into heaven of peace, abaundance, joy and miracles. 


  1. Good evening ma. Please I really need your help. My social life is about to go down drain and I don't even have a boy frd yet... I noticed stretch mark started showing on my skin dis morning. They are still tiny but I'm scared and disgusted. Pls I will really appreciate if u can help me get that cream you used to prevent stretch mark during your pregnancy. I'm willing to pay for the shipping. Pls ma I will appreciate your reply.thank you ma.

    1. Sigh...so you didn't know stretch mark might show up during after pregnancy too? I wonder what you will do then..

  2. Mrs Sonia. Am in love with ur blog.