Friday, 19 August 2016


What was stopping me from starting my own business back in the days was the fact that I was so focused and ANXIOUS about others doing well in the same kind of entrepreneurship I wanted to see myself in. I didn't know their journey,I didn't know how long it took them to shine,I just felt like them being good is taking away from my own.

That's how I would loose my confidence and just give up before even starting.

 Jealousy and envy are devils that do lay in all of us. We are all imperfect humans but it's on you to understand that will serve you and what would destroy you.

 My life absolutely changed when it finally gotten to my head that there is ABUNDANCE of everything good in this world and that there is really space for everyone to shine really bright. I do not compete.

Instead envy and anxiety,I chose to admire and get excited for others that are doing well. I chose to learn from them. I chose to get inspired and motivated. And I focused on myself and my very own journey with understanding that there is ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. And that,my dear friends, is a recipe and MAGNET for miracles and blessings.

My life was never the same.👑✨

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