Friday, 19 August 2016

Your Partner, You & Money Matter "If You Love Me You Would Spend On Me" Issue

I've noticed that money matter is a problem in many relationships nowadays.
We all have our expectations when it comes to the way man suppose to take care of his lady. 
What is the behavior that you would consider right in this case? 

Or does the fact that he is ready to spend on you means he truly loves and cares about you? 

Well, I don't think that money alone means that someone would die for you.
For example : for some men money is the only source of self confidence and they feel like they can't show you in any other way that they are worth your time-which  is perfect if you are looking for mugu aka sugar daddy, but not really if you want a partner to build a life with through thick and thin.

Some men use money to make you depend on them so they can control you-again out of lack of self confidence.  But we would all agree - that doesn't have much to do with love and care for sure.

Generally, I never ever liked stingy people, not only talking of men. That is one of the most irritating features I could possibly find in a human being.  But yet is man really in obligation to spend money (he doesn't even have) to prove his intentions to you? 

I was always careless with money (my mom would say lavish lol) and never had pain in my heart by generously  spending it around and my husdband is pretty much the same,but when him and I got together, my ways and habits changed.  Spontaneously, not by force. 

More he would insist to spend on me, more I was turning into one stingy madam (lol).

I guess that is what true love and a pinch of maturity does to people.  I become more organized and economical and I always get angry when he starts uncontrollably buying things even though it would all be for me or our son. 

So, at the end of the day, I got to the conclusion that if man truly loves you he would definitely make you his priority in every possible way:  he would want to spend his last dime to make sure you are good or that you don't lack anything...

.... But if you truly love him, you would never let that happen!


  1. Nice one. Well said but difficult to implement. Women always want money. It's all about the money 😂😂

  2. Love cancels out all the money wanting habit from the lady