Wednesday, 25 November 2015

7 Secrets Of Mine That Will Help You Get The Best Of Your Body & Lifestyle

So we agreed that diets are useless and effect is temporary. We agreed that we need a permanent solution. Here you go- 7 steps that will help you create a lifestyle that will change your life and body for good: 

1) Water ,water and a lot of water!
I think y'all are so tired of me right now (don't block me please)Lol. I been bragging how important water is for so long and I must do it again ( I can't promise you that this is the last time thou) :D

Personally,I drink 3-5 liters of water every single day.

A lot of people find really hard to drink plenty water (I was one of them back in the days),but our bodies are very adaptable. You get yourself used to certain things until you create a habit.  

Little trick that helped me get enough of water in my system: I made sure I have my 0,75l bottle everywhere I go. If the bottle is next to you,if your eyes can see it,you will drink way more then if u choose to drink from the glass. Most of the time I find myself grabbing bottle unconsciously just because it's there. I swear. And good thing about drinking from the bottle -at the end of the day you know how much water you drank -just do simple math! 

That's how I started,now I constantly feel like I need more water and it's a real pleasure drinking it. I swear down. To the point if I don't see my bottle next to me I start feeling anxious lol 

So why do I insist on water so much?
A) It's a major way to detox your body. It will literally flush out your entire system-"washing on inside " - it very important for health (especially for your kidneys and liver) than beauty of course- for flawless skin your body must be well hydrated.
B) Water speeds up your metabolism! Start a day with a big glass of warm water. You can add lemon as well,than continue drinking as much water as you can during the day-it's an "on" bottom for your metabolism. 
C) It actually kills the thirst - unlike all this cool drinks,sodas and "fruit" juices you are buying (I know so many people that totally replaced water for cool drinks without even being aware of how bad that is ),a common,simple water doesn't contain sugar or additives at all . I started seeing so much progress after I cut out sodas and all kind of juices and replaced them all with water. These are just unnecessary calories. If you want a fruit juice-squeeze one yourself and don't add no sugar at all. Green tea is also an amazing solution (sugar free of course). The rest is R-U-B-I-S-H. Good for nothing.
D) Water breaks down that ugly fat under your skin better known as notorious cellulite. I used to have it under my butt and thighs (plenty) , you should see me now ;) 
E) If you drink as much of water as I advice you to- your stomach will never be completely empty. The truth is,so many times when we feel hungry,we are actually "half" thirsty. So if you are already constantly filling your stomach with liters of water,you won't  have these terrible hunger attacks that makes you blackout and eat anything that comes under your hand. Secondly,you wont be capable of eating big portions of food as before-because,as we noted -water willl already take plenty space in your belly. 

2) Eat small portions of food every 3 hours !

A lot of people don't understand how important this is for your metabolism. How often did you hear people complaining "I don't understand why Im not loosing weight,I eat only once a day".
Well, that's exactly the problem.
Don't ever starve yourself.  The most important things is to stay healthy. Your body needs energy for all day activities,so eating once a day is the worst thing u can do to yourself,your health and then your looks. Nature is magical and our bodies are smarter then we know- if u eat only once a day our organism receives single that we are in state of shortage so it will start saving fat in stocks instead of burning it - so any small thing we eat (once a day) will end up showing on our bodies.
Secondly,our stomachs are elastic-bigger portions we eat ,our belly (gizzard) will keep on expanding,so it will take lager portions to satisfy hunger. Opposite,once you get your stomach used to smaller portions,it will shrink down and you will simply get full very fast with way smaller amount of food!

3) Don't ever skip breakfast!

Eat first thing in the morning! A lot of people are complaining that they "simply don't have appetite/time" to eat in the morning,but guess what- 99% of people that struggle with weight problems regularly skip breakfast.So wrong .Its the most important meal of our day ,it will give your body needed energy and it's a signal to your organism that your day has started-so it can activate your metabolism for the day.

4) Don't eat late

Let your body rest! I normally don't eat after 8. Even though you'll might get a hunger attack around midnight,try and drink water or green tea with lemon instead of food. It might be little bit difficult in the beginning,especially if you are used to late night meals/snacks,but after a while your body will get rid of that habit and stop demanding for food. Keep in mind,this kind of meals are literally good for nothing!

5) You need to move!

I know how we all sit and stare at our phones hoping that somewhere on social media somebody will just come up with magical solution that will get us our dream bodies quite effortlessly and instantly (well you can always do a surgery,true) but if not,good old workouts are just the best solution ever - for your health,mind,body and soul. 
Its completely free-You don't even need to go to the gym(I never went to a gym more than 4 times in my life) ,I do all my workouts at home. Yes,yes in my living room. I simply find workout videos on YouTube (there a billions,just choose one that you like the most) and do them every day :I normally do ab exercises (10minutes) and butt workout (another 10mins).20 minutes all together-really guys,no excuses!
Just don't give up at the beginning,because very soon you will become an addict. Your day just wont seem complete without it. It makes you feel so damn good! Useful! Strong! Fit! Focus on that priceless pleasure you get just after you finish your workout session,don't worry too much about results -they must start showing soon!
It just feels so damn sexy. Yum. 
If you can add 30 minutes jogging everyday ,that would be just perfect. 
What is 30 minutes of your day? Get up!

6) Waist Trainer? 

In combination with this little changes you will start practicing,why not. I like how it makes me feel like,but its not a magic stick that will solve all your life problems ,but it surely helps. So why not! I started using it again 3 weeks after I gave birth.

7) Our bodies are slaves of our habits!

Keep in your mind that your current lifestyle is something YOU created with settled habits you developed over the years. So the way you are used to certain things/routines now,you will ,the exactly the same way make yourself get used to new things that will follow your upgraded lifestyle! Trust me!
To "switch" to another lifestyle,all you have to do is to change your habits. Once all this good things becomes a part of your life, once you turned them into your habits,you simply won't feel good if you don't practice them. So after a while,everything will go smooth and easy. Now I totally got my body used to some things -for example:  I feel thirsty all the time,I get hungry exactly every 3 hours,and I simply cannot eat huge portions anymore etc. 

You can still enjoy your favorite foods,(I am such a foodie and never gave up on chocolate,cookies,hot wings,yummy African dishes etc ),you just need to know how to eat it,when to eat it and to have a limit.

From my point of view -I feel much better now,I have so much energy,I feel stronger and good in general. I feel confident. That's very huge aspect of the change you are about to make-psychological impact  it will have on you. And yes,it also shows on my body. 


And it takes so little!


  1. Am really happy you brought out time to share your tips with us, am a mum of 3,I've never worked out previously, I really wanna start, but I usually get tired and just give up, are there any tips that can help me keep my energy up cos most times anyway I work out, am usually too tired to workout on d next day.. Thanks

  2. It's just your good will! First few days are always the hardest,but you are the boss of your own body and being. You have to prove yourself a point,to show yourself and the world that you can. Every time I'm tired than I force myself to still get my workout done,the feeling i get in return is priceless! I feel so proud and important,and it's funny how it doesn't take energy away from me-in fact it charge it some extra! Every effort you put,every step you take will bring you closer where u want to be. The most amazing part is- its takes only you. Go get it girl!

    1. Thank you so much for your reply, then is there any specific workout routine or video you will recommend I try as a beginner?
      And I've noticed you don't have any stretch marks on your skin, I have a whole of it on my stomach and butt areas. Is there anything you recommend that can help me get rid of it. Thanks

    2. Take your time,check YouTube,there is plenty so you need to find one according your taste. For my own just type "9 ab workouts " and you will see in your results one Blondie chick . I think her name is Rebecca Lewis . Her ab and butt workouts are amazing,and her fitness videos are all I practice

    3. As for skin,I used one serbian local lotion and it's really good,In fact I am working on bringing it to Nigeria,when I succeed in my mission,you will surely know :)

    4. OK, thank you so much, I'll write you once in a while to remind you about the lotion... God bless you and your beautiful family... Amen

  3. 1st time here. Great job 👍👍

  4. This is so inspiring... Thank you

  5. Thanks for all your tips i actually come here whn im feeling low now and i must say your write-ups really lift my mood and renew my attitude to things please keep it up cos it may seem small to you but u inspire me a lot.

    1. Thanks honey,you put smile on my face right now :)

  6. Wow ok am new here and I love what you're doing Sonia... Kudos and thanks for the tips

  7. What time exactly would you suggest one should stop eating

  8. What time exactly would you suggest one should stop eating

  9. Wow I can really relate on what ur saying Sonia.. I am on day 13 workout challenge and I feel the same as you do and now I am reading this I feel so happy and ur words motivated me to even do more...thank you sonia

    1. You are welcome,thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

  10. OMG dis really motivated me.. I love every point u laid out.. It's so wonderful of u to take out time n break it down.. U r the best and lest I forget. U have a beautiful family.. Keep it up..

  11. Hello Miss. This is my first time on your blog and trust me am glad I am here. You know I've been your follower for a while now on Instagram. I've not really liked you because all I think you got is a nice body(forgive my Nigerian ideology of which am sorry about) Just a few minutes here and am so much in love with you (Agape love o) Now I know you're a combination of beauty and brain. You're so intelligent.. Your writeup are great.. . Your blog is bookmark already.. Much respect Madam. BTW you've got a beautiful family #Bless