Sunday, 22 November 2015

Body After Childbirth: Part 2 - The Reason Why Diets Never Work

Don't we all know at least one person (me,myself and I two years ago lol)  that is forever on diets,trying to lose weight without any visible results for years?

My advice is - stay away from diets. In my life ,I came across million and one diet and guess what : non of them ever worked. What exactly I mean by that?

Yes you can loose weight during that particular time you strictly obey the diet,but you and I and God knows- that can't last forever. 

A very strict deprivation of food that we love is a way more psychological thing that we know-  and deprivation cause a strong desire that is like a time bomb waiting to explode at the moment of weakness and next thing you know- you are in the kitchen,senselessly overeating and making up for all the time you couldn't enjoy all these yummy food to the point you don't even enjoy it .You will end up gaining more weight than you lost. That's why most of diets are known to cause "yo-yo" effect.

Then what next?
Back to the beginning. Next Monday will come.
But guess what?
One step forward,two steps backwards-It wont move you an inch further.
I swear its not about diets. Diets are temporary. Diets don't last. And it's normal! Effect of deprivation. Very natural thing.

So here we go- It's not about diet,it's about your lifestyle that must come out of self love and desire to do ourselves good. To give ourselves the best possible of everything. It's about changing some things for good,adopting some new habits and getting rid of old ones.
It's about a vision you create. Vision of better,healthier,hotter,more confident you.

And you know what is another big illusion?

It doesn't take as much as you think.

Just little things to change/add and you are on the right path!

Nothing drastic nothing dramatic,I promise.
Next post is about little tricks that helped me so much I turned into a part of my daily routine . 
Simple and short!

Stay tuned babes!

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