Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Killer Of Progress : Learn How To Avoid Unhealthy Comparison/ What is Healthy Comparison About?

What is the point of all my previous posts and tips?

 No ,it's not about creating one sick,so called "beauty standard" in general. It's not about embracing this kind of shape that kind of a physical look. It's me trying to share some experiences of mine that really helped me feel better in my skin. Things and efforts you will put that will help you fall in love with yourself,discover your physical and spiritual strengths you might forgot you had.  Because we are,as human  beings,born to deal with a million and one insecurity. Self confidence is not something you just wake up to. You build it. In so many different ways (spiritually,mentally,physically) you develop self love and it's every day's work. A self investment.

I want you to treat yourself good and do you good . Yes,you are that important.

But what is ,very often,messing our hard work up? 


The unhealthy comparison (there is a healthy one as well):
So UNHEALTHY COMPARISON is very common syndrome these days. You tend to do things so you can compare yourself to someone else. Where? Real life? Even worse! Social media! Instagram! Huh. Than next thing you know,you look yourself in the mirror and all your efforts and hard work all of the sudden start looking so...invisible? Non existent? The way you work towards crushing your self confidence,you don't even know do you?

The truth is,you don't know where some people started from. Maybe they been working out for past 10 years. Or some of them went for a surgery (this fat transfer so popular these days). Or some people are simply different. Our bodies are different. So it's not about you trying to look like somebody else.

Others can motivate you,it's amazing to be able to admire ,but the key is,you major goal and focus should be to become the best possible version of your unique,beautiful self. That's it.

HEALTHY COMPARISON is exactly about that. It will help you understand your own personal progress and growth. Your personal change. How your body changed from last month. Last year. How it will look next year by this time. Yum!

This kind of comparison will help you build your self confidence and self love. Self respect also. Because when you look back at where you started from you will see effort. A dedication. A power of your good will. 

And you will be so damn proud.


  1. My darling Sonia never knew u were dis amazing, tnks darling, u motivate me nd am getn addicted to ur blog nw. Smile

  2. Stumbled on this blog via Ikay's FB post and I must confess I'm extremely impressed
    .There's something to learn in ALL your posts....this is refreshingly different. Please keep at it and you'll attain heights beyond your expectations. Your husband is a blessed man. I'll try to stop by often and also share when necessary

  3. Wish more people could read your write ups instead of checking out useless blogs. You're an inspiration. All the write ups actually touch close to home for many of us. Thank you for sharing and changing lives