Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hot,Sexy and Pregnant-You Build Your Postpartum Body During 9 Months,Not Only After Giving Birth

 For a very long time I was totally convinced that pregnancy must ruin woman's body for good. In fact,I was thinking that's just a price we have to pay for sake of becoming mothers. 
I was terrified. Just an idea that my physics ,my body was never going to be the same had such a strong impact on me. 
For years. 
But than it happened. 
After finding I was pregnant I felt  so confused. One side of me was happy. Very happy.
But on the other hand,I was crying for one whole week. What?! Pregnant?? Omg my life was never going to be the same!! I will never look hot again!(don't act like it's not a big deal!).
Was staring at the mirror asking myself how long it will take until my body starts changing for good. With no turning back .On the other side,my husband was very happy,was trying to console and calm me down "we are blessed,we are this we are that" and I just couldn't stand him at these moments. Lol. Say what? "Is it your body that will change? Is there anything about your life that is going to change?" I asked him . He smiled saying "We are pregnant now,will share it 50/50" Lol. Ok ,He made me smile.At least he tried :)

I knew it was the time to pull myself together.
I was like... You know what? All this scary things  about the pregnancy .....hmmm...It doesn't really need to be like that! Not necessarily!! 
That moment I made a deal with myself. With all the confidence and faith in this world, I promised myself that after I give birth,not just that I will look the same,but better than ever. Not for anybody else,but for me!
I decided that,as a woman,I can be anything I want. I can look the best I can and still give all the love and care to my family,especially my child. One thing doesn't exclude other! For the first time I stopped feeling helpless and scared. In fact this new chapter of my life started feeling so challenging . And guess what?
My stubborn self liked it!

At the end of my journey,I gained only 9kg in total and gave birth to 4,3kg babyboy! 

There are some few myths about pregnancy that I want to break ,here and now. Just for the sake of encourage you and to help you understand that you are the boss babygirl!

The truth is,there are some factors we can't really control (genetics for example,and yes those evil,sneaky hormones ),but there are so many things we do/not do using pregnancy as an excuse! You knowww I'm saying the truth!

1) Pregnancy Cravings 
To be honest with you,I love to eat all my life and I faced serious cravings for all sorts of food ,well,since I was born I think. 
I was always ready to go to the other side of the city to look for food I feel like eating. I didn't need to be pregnant for that.Do you get me?
So after everything,I got to understand that,there are only few things that makes a huge difference when it comes to pregnancy:

- this is very psychological. When we add  "pregnancy" before "cravings",we also add another level of seriousness to it. Now its a "big deal". Wow . Magical ,uncontrollable force called Pregnancy Cravings. Something totally above our powers. 
Really? Common! Nonsense. 
The only difference is ,now,that you are pregnant,you will have an absolute right to demand and people around you an absolute obligation to obey you. So hot wings at 2am is something you won't normally go for,even though you feel like eating them so badly,but since these are not just ordinary cravings (you are pregnant,remember!) you could actually just request for them and in no time it will be brought to you (who can say no to a pregnant woman?)
Congratulations! Now you have what? An excuse!
The truth is: 

- you don't start building your postpartum body after pregnancy:you do it for all 9 months as you are pregnant! Yes,there is a human being inside your womb,but you still need some discipline. Your life is not going to finish after you give birth! You can't just eat anyhow anytime cuz you are pregnant. First and foremost it's about health!

-so,forget that "I have to eat for two" middle century myth. That's absolute nonsense. It's not about quantity,it's about the quality of food! Anything you bring inside of your body must be nutritious and healthy. I didn't change my eating habits (read in my previous post about it) I just made sure I eat some extra fruits and veggies. Vitamins baby! You need to be super strong and healthy. You need energy. If you eat a lot and you eat rubbish,than you didn't do favor to your baby. Nether to yourself.

- it's not a baby that is going to make you fat. It's damn food. Pregnant or not! If you eat wrongly,if you eat only once a day,if you eat in the night,if you eat only junk food,if you are not physically active-you MUST gain weight. It's just logical. So don't worry,you have absolute control over your body. Still.

- you need to stay physically active (if you are not having a risky pregnancy of course)! I know you feel tired,heavy and your legs and back hurts,but trust me when I tell you-little bit of movement will only make you feel better and help you get some better sleep! I used to have 20-30 minutes walk everyday until I gave birth,and sometimes I would feel so lazy,but I never regretted forcing myself to get out of the house! I swear. It's really meditational. Fresh air does magic. Baby needs it also. Besides,it will make your labor wayyyy easier: all this pushing mann,you need to stay in good physical form! 

- if you eat right and keep yourself active and you are still gaining weight "from no where ",don't worry,it's not fat it's probably just water. It will go out week or two after you give birth. It will just vanish,melt. 
- as for stretch marks,I used one local lotion since the beginning of my pregnancy journey,and good thing is I didn't get none. I will try my best to bring the lotion to Nigeria and introduce my fellow Nigerian ladies to it.
But even if you get stretch marks,it's not the end of the world. You still too hot!
-and the most important thing:your state of mind. Positive thoughts will make you glow. Happy girls are the finest girls-pregnant or not. Don't forget that you attract things with your thoughts,emotions and words that are coming out of your mouth. So think happy thoughts,stay grateful,replace fear with faith and get ready to welcome only good things. Manage your expectations! Why? Only good things can happen to you. You always get the best of everything! 
Because you simply are blessed like that!


  1. Wow tnks Sonia, u jst made pregnancy look so easy. Tnks darling

  2. Wow tnks Sonia, u jst made pregnancy look so easy. Tnks darling

  3. So true dear. Is about the quality of food not quantity. When I told people am a mother, they are always like shut up, who dash you strength and body to be one. But the truth is I was fatter during the pregnancy period. After giving birth I bounce back to be slimer than the way I was before with no exercise. Once you realize that all fingers are not equal you will know how important is to love and care for your self.

  4. Wow!dis is 1daful,,ur an angel in disguise...tnx so much

  5. Really nice. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely keep this in mind

  6. This is so nice! Thank you for this piece.

  7. Hi sonia,first time here,and I'm loving it This post here is amazing.I'm a mom of 2,physically with clothes on,I'm hot, without clothes, I av them tiger claws lol,lots of them esp with the second baby.Its not a good feeling I must confess, but being pregnant is such a beautiful feeling inside deeply, and those mini me's that come with it is unexplainable.. So I worry less. Thank you for this post.

  8. I can stop being worried.Thanks for the post.

  9. I can stop being worried.Thanks for the post.

  10. What was the name of the lottion you used. You are very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing?

  11. What was the name of the lottion you used. You are very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing?

  12. Apart from your lotion is there any lotion u can share

  13. Apart from your lotion is there any lotion u can share