Saturday, 14 November 2015

Part 1: Terrible LifeStyle Before Pregnancy;

To be very honest with you,for so many years I used to be very careless with my body. I would eat anyhow,any kind of rubbish,my lifestyle was very chaotic,I used to sleep during the day,live during the night ,than alcohol,I never used to practice any form of a physical activity,so I didn't look how I truly wished. I was just "there". Deep inside I knew I can do much,much better. But instead of getting up and taking my life into my hands I was busy making excuses- "I don't want society to tell me how should I look like";"Beauty comes in different ways,why must every girl look the same way to be considered 'beautiful' "; "What a superficial world "..etc.. I mean,true that...I still think the same ,but.. I was acting like Im having some "serious" principles and like I have a problem with entire society (familiar?) but than... 

March 2014,
I finally got to face myself. Reality check!

Being lazy when it comes to yourself can and will turn against you in so many ways,and you know it's soooo wrong! How do you know it's wrong?It simply doesn't make you feel good. In general. Period. It can cause a depression,it will cause a self esteem issues and it can make you really bitter and unhappy. Why again ? Because it means you don't show yourself enough of love and care! Simple and short!

It's not about trying to look like somebody else,it's about using your own potentials to create and build the best version of you. Spirituality,Mentally,Intellectually,and yes - Physically! And I got to face the fact that taking care of your body doesn't make you a superficial barbie doll (that was one of excuses right) and it gives you much much more than  good looks "only" - it's a source of physical strength,good health,and very very importantly : it's the way to build up your self confidence!
The fact you took your life in your hands,the fact you are putting an effort into bettering yourself makes you feel strong,proud,and helps you create a way better image of yourself. And guess what - the way you see yourself is exactly the way others will see you!

I finally understood that it doesn't take a rocket science or magic stick to change your life ( I was so sure it was such a mission impossible) and work towards the best possible version of you - I only changed the way I eat (nothing rigorous ,just a bit of discipline,I still got to enjoy food) , how I eat (from eating once a day I started eating every 3 hours small portions),I cut out all the sodas and juices and replaced it with water only (minimum 3l of water per day),I started working out (home workout,I never went to a gym!).

But the most important change I made was switching my state of mind from "I wish" to "Im so going to get it".  I stopped acting like what I want for myself is hardly reachable,available there,far away for somebody else only. 

Body of my dreams,that flat belly,hot legs-In my mind,I already owned it! 

That's how I was so sure Im never going to go backwards. No more "next Mondays". No more starting and stopping. It wasn't a diet. It was a new chapter of my life. A new lifestyle of mine. And, It was a done deal. 


  1. But I also heard that water contribute to being fat. What your view about this maimi?

    1. No dear. Water is very very important if you are trying to lose weight and live healthy.

    2. No darling,it's too much salt thAt keeps plenty water in your body and cause blotting. Water sef- more the better! It speeds up your metabolism and helps you detox your body and get rid of cellulite. At some points I was drinking up to 5 liters of water daily. Feels fantastic;)

    3. No dear. Water is very very important if you are trying to lose weight and live healthy.

    4. No dear. Water is very very important if you are trying to lose weight and live healthy.

  2. Good motivation..I need to go bk to my wish list n make it to do list!! Thank u.

  3. Thank you for this post. So true! When your body feels and looks great, that's like the second best love you can show yourself! The first is giving your life to Christ, then you're a total Diva! Ain't no #selflove greater than that!

  4. Waw.Amazing .God bless you and our brother Ik