Tuesday, 5 April 2016

"Do you guys argue at all?" - My Confession: Our Ways Of Passing Through The Storm

People are very often carried away with all the forms of "Instagram" relationships wandering why their own isn't that perfect,colorful or carefree,asking themselves where did they go wrong.

A lot of you are asking me openly how do I maintain my marriage and relationship with my husband to be so drama-free  wandering if we got issues at all.

Then I read your mails/comment/direct messages and smile.
Y'all are cute.

Do you know that me and Ik,my darling husband,are so alike to the point sometimes I feel like if I was a man,I would be just like him. Same temper,same passionate heart,same dominant&bit aggressive  approach when it comes to life.
And you are asking if we have issues? Lol
Two passionate,stubborn capricorns under one roof-you can only imagine how our arguments used to look like in the beginning.

But with wisdom,experience and focus on right things (love,happiness and prosperity as a couple and individuals) we understood  that what really matters is not to feel like it's the end of the world because of things you are facing,but to learn your ways of how to deal with them issues and conquer them together,as a team,not as enemies that you are not.
That will determine the nature and foundation of your relationship.

If you can learn and get positively influenced,motivated and directed on how to build and grow relationship with your partner thanks to social media,than go ahead! But ,don't compare your own love life to what you see on your little screens.  You know that no couple will post picture of them fighting on social media,right? And of course everyone will cherish,share and embrace beautiful moments.

Nothing wrong with that as well.

But a relationship/marriage is an intensive interaction between two people. And we,humans,are born to be imperfect and make mistakes. So no relationship in this world can be all the time smooth and problems-free,even between you and your own mother you love more than anything,just think of how many times you guys could not deal with each other.

The bottom line is- There will always be issues,challenges and plenty bumpy rides you guys will have to pass together.

What I learnt with my husband is that,it's not about how big issue is,but how you approach it.

Anything you pass together will be your blessing because it will make your love stronger .

Your response to Issues is a major indicator of bhow good your team work is - are you going to help each other to fix it all up,will you get each other's back no matter what life brings, or use it as an excuse to run away,bring the third person into picture ,cheat ,betrayal,lie etc.

In next post I will share our personal tips ,straight from out matrimonial pillows that helped us go through many storms and come out of it holding each other's hands stronger than before.

Stay tuned


  1. Been learning so u home from u, I look forward to the post.