Thursday, 7 April 2016

Are You Wandering Why Are You Beeing Unfortunate In Love ?

How many times you've asked yourself (then God) what is that about you that makes you so unfortunate in love?


The relationship you will have is a product of your perception and ideas about relationships in general.

It's really that simple.
Let me explain:

Remember,everybody has their own reality and everybody lives in their own dimension and they are products of our own thoughts and emotions.

Again,these emotions and thoughts are shaped by our perception and past experiences that left marks on our soul.

So now,if you developed an idea about relationships that is supported by lines like:
"All men cheat"
"Love hurts"
"I always attract wrong guys"
"I don't have luck with women"
"All women care about is money"
"Love is not for me,I always end up hurt "
"When you are good,you end up being mistreated "
"They only want you when they can't have you"
"I'm always being taken for granted"
"If you don't use them they will use you" etc.
there is a very high possibility that you will attract exactly the same situation into your life and this lines will really become your personal case.


Whatever we truly believe in,becomes a norm.

So if you create one general opinion about one particular matter,relationships in this case,it will become your belief and automatically something you settled for,so don't be surprised if you end up going through the same old situations over and over again.

If you are unhappy with your relationships ,the solution is to change the way you think about relationships. Yes,everything starts and ends in your head!
Instead of relating "love" to negative ideas and beliefs,attach positive emotions to it.

Let the thoughts about it excite you,make you happy,optimistic and enthusiastic. Replace fear with faith.
Prepare yourself for blessings and many beautiful experiences.

Leave negative experiences from past stay in the past. Don't let them spoil the future that could be so bright for you.

You are an absolute master of your life.
Your thoughts works like magnet.

Yes,you are powerful like that!


  1. lovely,have learnt from the write up.God bless u

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