Saturday, 16 April 2016

"Online Terapy Zone" - Let Me Know What You Think

I have been receiving tones of emails from different people worldwide telling me about their life and relationship problems,and as much as try to reply each and every of you "one on one" because I love y'all and I'm grateful to have you coming to me for an advice,I still can't reply/see all the emails that I get daily. So please don't take it personal .

Your trust means so much to me,so I was thinking that ,if you really have a situation that bothers you and gives you headache/heartache,I should create a platform where I would be publishing your stories (anonymously) and you will get to see not only my opinion,but the opinion of other readers as well.

You would be surprised to see how many people already been through the same situations  you are battling with,and having a platform where you can share experiences without being judged or mocked and be there for each other is really something we all need in this life.

Let's call it our little online therapy zone.

You can start sending me your stories on ,
or send me a Direct Message on Instagram @sonialareinaa.

Let's help each other grow,move on to better things in life and be happy .

Your happiness matters to me.

Let me know what you think.

Much love,



  1. That would be great lovely idea.

  2. That would be great lovely idea.

  3. Yes I believe that's wonderful as this has helped people but the when it deals with serious emotions, I would suggest you become selective of public comments to post. Your aim is to encourage and motivate people in their trying time but someone else's aim might be to hurt them the more with their comments. I believe there's a way comments on open topics are check mated. Just my thoughts and suggestion though. Nice ideas you have.