Sunday, 7 February 2016

Little Healthy Trick That Will Help You Loose Weight Faster

Once I discovered this little trick I turned into a every morning routine,I started noticing amazing changes when it comes to my health,skin and body. I used to practice it during my whole pregnancy and I'm still on it. Want to share with y'all this little secret of mine:

This is a method that has proven to help detoxify your body as well as help boost your digestive system and metabolism. A majority of people who wake up in the morning usually begin to brew some sort of hot liquid such as tea or coffee. However, neither of these can bring you the same healthy benefits as a glass of hot water would.
Consuming a glass of warm water first thing  in the morning can help with your overall health. Besides,it will help you slim down,get rid of cellulite and make your skin look fresher. These are all perfectly valid reasons as to why you should drink a glass of warm water every morning.
  • Decreases Aging Process – Consumption of a hot glass of water in the morning can help slow down the aging process by aiding your bodies naturally elasticity of the skin.
  • Cleans Organs – Drinking warm water in the morning can also help your body dispose of unwanted and dangerous toxins from the body. It helps by advancing the food decomposition and amplifies your digestive system.
  • Fitness – Drinking warm water can also help raise the temperature of your body that inevitably speeds up your organs, which essentially burns more fat off your body. It also helps with the functionality of your kidneys as well as all other excretion organs.
  • Improved Metabolism – Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach can stimulate your metabolism and will trigger the normal function of the body for any pain to vanish. It will help your organism burn fat way faster.
  • Condenses Pain – Drinking a warm glass of water can help women with menstrual cramps, increases the improvement of capillary circulation and even offers relaxation for your muscles.
All of these are perfectly valid reasons as to why you should start drinking a glass of hot water every morning on an empty stomach. You add fresh lemon or ginger inside for some extra positive effects.

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  1. Wow nice one @sonia I tink I wil start it

  2. Wow nice one @sonia I tink I wil start it

  3. Thanks for the info my beautiful @ sonia.....

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  5. Pls is it ideal to add lemon tea to it can it also serves as lemon?

  6. Pls is it ideal to add lemon tea to it can it also server as lemon?

  7. Thanks @sonia, pls what about the flat tummy cream u talked about sharing d name and how one can buy it few months ago dat u used it after ur pregnancy and it's gud.

    1. I work on bringing the cream to Nigeria. I will let you know when available,don't worry!

  8. Is the cream for the flat tommy in Nigeria yet? My baby is a month old and am still battling with my tommy. I want it to be as before preggy already....