Thursday, 29 October 2015

Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Yourself

Our minds are very  busy processing so many different things and informations daily,million and one worry,stress and doubt,our hearts often feel fear,insecurities,sadness,but what we often forget is to take our time and once in a while think of what makes us so miraculous!
You are such a special,unique,powerful,beautiful creature! A super human!You have done so many amazing things so far ,you are not even aware of! See what I found- a Quick reminder for you guys:

1) You've changed people's lives

Whether you know it or not, you have changed the lives of people around you – those people you’ve touched, had your stories and fates intertwine, who you’ve shared moments with or just casually met but hit a note somewhere inside.

2) You have power to dream 

Do not underestimate this. The power to dream is the power to create. You are a creator of your own destiny.Since you can dream and envision possible futures, you are setting in motion your life all the time.You are doing this right now as you read these messages.

3) You can look into somebody's eyes and heal

A look in the eyes can express a thousand words. Sometimes we are lost in words which can either help or frustrate, but when you connect with someone through the eyes you can change his or her feelings in a moment.It has the power to dissolve fear, install hope, convey comfort and love and most of all heal and soothe.

4) You have won over some fears

It’s a certainty that you have experienced hundreds of fears in your life. Some you are still coping with but some others you have overcome. This is also a certainty. Congratulate yourself. You are really amazing!
5)You've said and done something inspiring 

Again you might not have even noticed this but you most certainly did or said something at some point that inspired someone.
You seeded a thought, an idea or a feeling that made the other person change something even if you were not given credit for it. Don’t deny this: You are a truly inspiring person.

6) You own the most powerful instrument in the world 

You take it for granted every second in your life when you ideate, think, deduct or talk but you have the most powerful instrument known on this planet – your mind. It’s natural engineering is sheer amazement.
It can keep on learning and evolving knowledge till the day you die. It’s a great rarity in the Universe – one out of trillions and trillions of life form mutations and possibilities.

7) You have helped me go on

You as a reader with your feedback, social sharing or just knowing that you are reading this have summoned the courage in me to keep on writing and hopefully helping others along the way. I want to say THANK YOU for being amazing and helping me out. You have been a blessing in my life. You have inspired me and changed my life, gave me the power to dream while you were being a vehicle of love. Yes, you are amazing!


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  1. I love, love your blog! I have to apologize for thinking you were only a pretty face and nothing else to offer ( I should have known never to judge ). Your blog is such a refreshing voice that is sorely needed especially this generation! Please continue to use this platform to inspire myself and others. Could you also post your beauty and fitness tips as well? All the very best to you and your lovely family.