Friday, 30 October 2015

See What I Tell Them When They Ask Me If My "Body/Looks" Is All I Have to "flaunt " 3:)

Beauty VS brain?

They say we should never judge a book by it's cover,and somehow we always end up doing it (consciously or unconsciously),I guess human's mind always have a tendency to simplify the world around us and that is the reason why we try to "categorize" million and one thing we see per day in 10 different "boxes" based on simple physical characteristics that catch our eye. That's the way we create stereotypes. I guess (unconsciously) we don't want to exhaust our brain while he is receiving so many different signals and informations by trying to  "spot the difference" between people that look alike physically, and understanding that things around us are definitely not black and white as it seems.
Me personally,as a girl/woman,was underestimated billion and one time because of the way I look like. No ,it doesn't upset me (at least not anymore) because I understood that there is absolutely nothing personal about it and that's simply how our brains work. 
What used to upset me is when females take their time to look good,dress nicely,take care of themselves  and their bodies,look all hot and sexy (note: I am not talking about vulgarity), and someone dares to come with " Why y'all so superficial? Is your look all that matters? Is it all you have to offer? Why do you have to flaunt your body? Can't you show us your brain..? " 
1) If you assumed that I am superficial thinking "I have no other interest in life but to "flaunt" my looks/curves/clothes", all based on how I look like,than what does it make you? Concluding about people you hardly know based on their appearance? Ain't that a form of superficiality?
2) If I can manage to keep my physics looking decent and appealing,If I put effort and discipline in it and hard work as well (oh yes, it doesrequires some hard work and dedication),is it not something to be proud of? Does it tell something more about my personal features ?
3) One thing doesn't AUTOMATICALLY exclude other. I can take care of my outer beauty,and still put plenty time and effort to educate,develop and grow myself spiritually,mentally and emotionally. We could also have this conversation in your first language but would you understand a word if I start speaking in my own?Must you abound your physical beauty for the sake of having inner one? I don't think so. 
4) Who doesn't like good looks? Understand the difference between sexuality/sensuality and vulgarity and pornigrahy . We all like seeing beautiful things. Double standards ,yuck. Gerrouthahere! 
5) Beauty has different levels and different states and comes out in so many different ways. We are a whole package. Every part of our being,both visible and invisible are important and need to be maintained. It gotta shine baby !Not for the sake of others,but for the sake of ourselves. It's also not about any standards society sets,but the truth is,you need to use all your potentials and take the best of you- in every possible way,so you can feel good about yourself. It will help you grow your confidence and Confidence is the key!
6) I know our generation is getting scattered with tones of rubbish we are daily being influenced via massive media,and it's hard to maintain spiritual,mental and emotional growth,but you can have it all.
7) I know you!!! Don't let anyone tell you how you must sacrifice this for that! Nah,I won't take it! You can take their breaths away with your sharp mind ,skills,talents,hard work, steal their heart with your beautiful,big soul and look like a gorgeous  doll if you like! Be beautiful in your own way,it's not a sin! All with make up,hair and body on fleek. Lol. 
Let nobody limit you. Let nobody stop you.
At the end of the day,no explanations owned.  No matter how amazing you are inside,some will still be obsessed with the fact you are embarrassing your sensuality as a woman. But that has nothing to do with you. It's their shallow minds.
Why ?
Because you can be anything you want to be. Just keep it all classy and love yourself first. 
Ohh sure you will... you are one beautiful,bad ass Queen! 


  1. I so appreciate your blog posts and this one resonated with me and certain perceptions I have held. Perceptions even regarding you, you are what the younger generation should aspire to be and I am so thankful ! You are truly a remarkable woman, and you seem to be an amazing wife and mother. Please forgive me if I sound like an over zealous fan (but I admit I do enjoy your husbands movie-he is talented). Wish you many happy years together and God's ever increasing blessings.