Monday, 26 October 2015

Young Moms 2 : Why do people feel like they have right to tell you how you should live your life? Happened to you? So annoying right!

Why human kind can be so annoying? Did it happen to you? Like,you just give birth,you still didn't recover from labor,you still didn't get to pull yourself together and understand the new situation you found yourself in and the way your life changed and somebody is already all up in your face asking "When you gonna give us another one?". 
Well,damn. "How dare you?" instantly crossed my mind.
So officially,for those ones that are busy squeezing faces because we (my husband and I )  openly decided that we will wait some few years (let's say 5) until we try for a next baby like it's a bad,terrible thing,I suggest you to take a several seats. Can't y'all just let people be?
This is not a middle century,don't ever let anyone pressure you,or compare you to this sister that neighbor who is "your age and already got 3 of them".
All this people are not the ones that will take care of your child,and no matter how much your family/friends try to be supportive and helpful,the truth we both know is that you will(naturally and expectably) probably be the only one who will have to do the major "work",the most beautiful work in the world thou,but only in case you are sure between you and yourself that you are ready not when someone else decides for you. 

Every normal woman loves her child more than anything in the world,there is nothing left to prove,and NOBODY else can know better than you (you two) what is the best for your family,so don't let anyone make you feel bad or guilty because you dared to be "selfish enough " to also love your own life,yourself and maybe your career. That does not make you less of a woman/mother. You don't need to kill yourself to show that you are a "correct" woman who loves her child and her family. Nobody will give you award at the end of the day. Don't let yourself turn into a hysterical,bitter,angry woman- Don't forget that you have to be happy and fulfilled so you can be capable of giving the best of you to your loved ones. 
So,yes my darling,you can relax.Enjoy! It's ok to have fun. It's not a sin. You deserve it. Pamper yourself,go out if you like,have fun,love your little family and focus on your career if that makes you happy. Do you. You are so important too!
That's exactly what I am going to do. And it still won't stop me from being the best mom to my son.
More prosperity,more success,more progress ,more fun,more enjoyment and more money on our way. 
Life is just about to start!

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  1. Lol I'm loving this blog, please post some more. I've got two boys with a six n a half year gap so I know EXACTLY what you mean lol. My family, my call! 😁