Thursday, 29 December 2016

Let The World Go Crazy About You: How To Become IRRESISTIBLE In 2017 ?

Sounds like a plan for 2017 you guys!
Ok,here we go:
I hear girls saying " If I only looked like this babe my life would be easier ".

Well,let me share a secret with you:
It's a not big round ass and tiny waist that makes a woman irresistible. So don't come tell me "I don't have what it need to be noticed or to make the world go crazy about me" because you actually do have it all.

All my physic attributes meant NOTHING until I build my self confidence that was based on what truly defines me. What makes people remember me after all is not big booty but that energy and spark that I leave everywhere I go. The whole magic comes from self-confidence and self awareness.  

God was very generous and He indeed created so many beautiful people. But looking fine means nothing unless you also feel fine within yourself and about yourself in general.
I met girls with perfect bodies and dolly faces that no one took serious, ever. Sometimes I wish they could see themselves through my eyes and get to understand how beautiful they truly are. Despite all the beauty they had,they were always insecure and insecurity means a lack of self value which makes people get tired of you real quick.

I also came across girls that can turn your whole world upside down with just an eye contact. That can make any man follow them to the Moon and back. That can get anything they want with just a smile. Simple girls. Some would say "basic".
 Ok,what is the secret?

What actually makes a woman irresistible and unforgettable ?

 - We are ALL imperfectly perfect. Our imperfections might make us unique as well. So embrace them girl! We are always so busy looking for what to hate on our bodies or busy comparing ourselves to other ladies. Tall girls want to be shorter,short want to grow taller,slim ones wish for curves,curvy ones want to loose some weight,white women tan,black ladies bleach... It's just in women's DNA. But hey!Don't let them idiotic beauty standards confuse you! Irresistible woman is not the one with yellow skin and coke bottle body shape,but the one who feels super comfortable in her skin. It's all about the energy you give out. Rule Number 1: the way you see yourself is the way others will see you. Even if you look like Beyonce and you don't feel good about yourself no one will ever find anything special about you. Period. Flaunt it!Rock it! Enjoy the skin you are in!

- The fact you made a peace with yourself  is not an excuse not to work on becoming the best possible version of yourself! Just note:The attitude towards your change makes a huge difference on the outcome of this whole process : do not change because you hate yourself and your life,change because you love yourself enough no to settle for anything less but the very best. That effort you put into making a right choices that will benefit you is what will make you fall in love with yourself. It will bring the feeling of pride,excitement and enthusiasm in your heart. You will literally be able to turn yourself on this way. Work on your body,mind and soul because you are all that. It's time to stop being lazy ! Laziness makes us insecure! Read,work out,eat right,pray,meditate,educate yourself,get your diploma,grow,prosper,invest in yourself! You will see what this will do to your self confidence !

-You can't live your life in fear of being judged. Set yourself free. At the end of the day,there is no way you can please everyone. Sexiest women are bold ones. Be a bit of a savage. Be unstoppable. Make sure you are surrounded with positive people that make you feel good and motivate you to grow. Create your own world. Don't ever consider of taking advice of a person you would not like to switch places with. Secondly ,what other people say is only a reflection of who they are,that has nothing to do with you. So stop taking that shit personal. Do your thing boo! You have nothing to prove! 

- You don't need to feel bad if you get underestimated. Not everyone can possibly understand your vision,it was given to you only. Stop looking for people's approval that you are worthy or capable enough to accomplish your mission. At the end of the day,what do they know? Sometimes,even people who love you unconditionally (your parents for example) won't believe in you and your dream. Mine always thought that I was crazy and delusional until they started seeing things happening.However,you should go hard! That idea,spark,vision is in your head is there  for a reason. Believe in God's plan and yourself. Sky is truly a starting point. Go getters always attract the strongest,most powerful kind of people to themselves. 

-You will always get what you settle for. Do not be afraid to demand or to walk away when you get less of what you deserve. You  are willing to drop your standards out of fear that you'll might be left alone but the truth is others will only loose  respect for you and stop trying for you once they see your standards ain't your own priority. We live in jungle: If you don't stand for yourself no one would ever take you seriously. Learn how to say NO. Who can not meet up with your standards is not for you. As simple as that.

6) BE KIND !!!
- There is nothing more attractive then a kind heart and positive spirit. I mean,I met so many beautiful,gorgeous ladies that stopped being beautiful the moment they opened their mouth. All they do is roll their eyes,hiss and squeeze their face trying to seem important. But is that a manifestation of importance?
Strong,powerful woman always have a  generous,pure heart. And that makes her shine and catch everybody's attention no matter where she turns to. Be that woman. Give a compliment. Make someone's day better. Don't gossip,it's so damn ugly. Stop trying to bring someone down,it won't make you appear any bigger,you will only make you look so miserable and insecure.It will expose your weaknesses. Speak Love and Life into people that crosses paths with you. Affect their lives positively. Inspire.Support others.Help them grow.
You are a blessing my dear.

And no one can ever resist a blessing .

Much Love


  1. i always feel so insecure and envious when i see other gals wiv a nice bod n all.. but tnx a lot for this write up made me see things differently

  2. bt mrs ogbonna how do I make a man love me

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  5. Wishing y'all a beautiful start of 2017 . Thanks for this piece.

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  7. Love this, what a beautiful soul you got!

  8. u motivate me to be better thats why i love u

  9. Words of encouragement from a woman to another. #2017goals

  10. I love No. 5. And I am beginning to love you and your craziness.. You are crazy in an amazing way

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    Welcome to 2017

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