Saturday, 17 December 2016

Different Religious Beliefs And Marriage

When I was choosing my life partner,honestly,I never thought or gave importance to any of categories most of people find so important ,such as skin color,ethnicity or religion. I believe that these are superficial ways to label people and that we are much more then these categories we belong to.
I strongly believe that what should make difference between people is wisdom,ambition,kind heart,passion,love and sense for humanity in general.

However,I am getting messages from you guys asking me if a good marriage between people of different religious beliefs is possible and I as well have a couple of friends that were "cought" in between love and religion and I know how they struggled to understand what exacty is a right choice.

I can only talk from my perspective and I also do understand the whole concept of religion in my own way.
First of all I believe in God. And God is Love. Period.
And Love is the foundation of every religion on planet Earth.
I simply cannot accept any teaching that is against Love between two fellow human beings. 

Secondly I believe in human race. How can a God use religion to divide human kind? 

Thirdly,I think that problem is in egocentric nature of human kind. We simply expect the rest of the world to believe in what we believe or to see the world through our eyes and tradition.And when they don't ,we see it as an issue,we take it personal and it becomes a source of conflicts.

But ,personally,my attitude towards differences is quite different..In fact differences are what makes this our planet earth such a beautiful place.
I don't think any relationship can ever work,with or without interfaith matter ,if both partners are not flexible,tolerant and understanding. Wether is matter of religion or any other thing,no one likes to be forced into anything. That is not an act of love.You have to  respect your partner's beliefs even if you don't have plans of adopting them. He/She has to the same. And that IS an act of love. Acceptance.

When you step out of your comfort zone and decide to follow your heart and end up getting married to someone who is not from your cultural background in general,people around you will always have their opinion about it,regardlessly. I'm telling you from my very own experience. Family will not always believe in your choice.They won't always understand you or support you .But let me tell you the truth:
Most of the times reasons behind such attitude are superficial to the core.
I don't know about you,but I can not even think of considering an opinion that does not make any logical sense to me,even if it comes from my own mother because it's not her that is going to live with my regrets.

Another issue of interfaith relationships,people believe,is a challenge of raising kids .Even thou you feel like there is a drastic difference between religious teachings,I think that fundamental values are the same in each and every religion (if we forget idiotic stereotypes and misinterpretations) and I feel like every religion preaches Love,Forgiveness,Generosity,Faith,Gratitude;Humanity etc.Can you go wrong with teaching your kids all this norms and values?

There is no such thing as bad religion. (Does God even have a religion?).There are only bad people.
The same religious beliefs or culture is a far from a guarantee that your partner will treat you right and be able to wake up the most beautiful feelings in you.

I think you should always give Love a chance and try and suffocate sterotypes because they never do any good. If it's meant to be,you will conquer all the obstacles,because what was meant to be will always be.

As long as there is Love,Care and Tolerance,
We are all One.


  1. the problem is people are afraid of what others will think or say i think that is the biggest issue with interfaith relationships

  2. but i love this writeup ,u make a lot of sense

  3. just dat not every1 is this brave oh

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  5. People have become a slave to religion. Love is the best and most secure religion. I think we can do better if we stop being churchy, and more practical. Thanks for sharing your view on this. #proudlyetsako

  6. i had to come back and read this article over n over again. i had a very similar situation and so many doubts. thank u for this

  7. Wow your illustrative way with words just hit every nail on the head. This is so flawlessly written that I had to send it to my partner. I'm extremely grateful that there are women with this level of wisdom out there. You're doing a great job, continue to keep up the good work. I'm a fan.