Friday, 23 December 2016

Why You Don't Progress In Life?

Life is like a video game.
You can't pass to the next level until you solve a challenge of your current situation.
See it this way: experience and wisdom are like points in a video game you need to collect so you can cross over. You will need them later on. Best believe that everything happens for a reason and in your favor.
Some particular life chapters seem to be impossible to solve. You know that feeling when you don't know what to do anymore. You simply feel helpless and tired and you start believing that your problem is forever.
Well these moments are,God knows,the most important ones and ,just like the most challenging levels in every video game,they normally lead to a great reward. But you have to find your way to accomplish it.
It's for our own good.

I'm know for sure how difficult,almost impossible seems to find a gratitude in your heart especially when it seems like your world is falling apart. But that is the key.
Key is to find strength.
How does strength feels like?
No ,strong people are not the ones that complain the most. Not the ones who look for excuses.
The strongest creatures God almighty ever created are ones who truly find love and positive emotion in themselves when everything seems lost.

A honest,deep emotion of gratitude and idea that you are loved and that everything will eventually turn into your favor. 

You have to refocus.
You have to move.
Get excited.
Step out the box.
Change your point of view.
Surround yourself with positive voices and language of love and good vibe. Not with ones that must gossip,criticize,complain and look for flaws in others to make themselves feel better.
Invest in yourself.
Believe in goodness.
Use your own power to confess life you want and focus on that picture untill that ugly,scary picture you have about your life fades away. 

It's not about fear.
It's all about unconditional faith.

I did all this.
From depression,sadness and misery I turned my life into something way better. Into something pleasant.
Me,God in me,my strong will and vision I stubbornly focused on about how I want my life to look like.

I did it.
You can too!


  1. You should consider allowing anonymous comments. You would get more varied opinions if you do so. People often are more honest under the cloak of anonymity. That is why Linda Ikeji, SDK et al get thousands of hits,

  2. This was so needed! Thank you for sharing honestly! I love your blog and glad that you are posting on a regular basis. Stay blessed!