Sunday, 18 December 2016

When Your World Is Falling Apart...

If you are passing through a very tough period of your life where you feel things are only falling apart then this is for you.
Do you believe that every single person on planet earth ,no matter money or status they have,no matter how perfect you think their lives are,passes through such periods.
Each human being meets a very special challenges on their journeys.
Some will bring you sleepless nights. Pain. Headache. Doubt. Fear. And worst of all: the feeling that you are not in charge. The feeling of helplessness. 
At times you feel it will never end. At times you want to give up. Settle. 
But let me remind you somethings before you do:
1) Nothing good ever came out of comfort zone. This difficult and painful paths normally lead to something extraordinary big. 
2) You will ether pass of fail this test. Hold on the your vision tight. Devil is a lier and a deceiver. The greatest ones are not the best ones but the ones that don't give up. 
3) You can never be given a battle you can't win. It's within you: the strength,capacities,braveness,courage,wisdom and power. You can do ! Believe in your Creator.
4) You are not a victim of circumstances.Stop acting like one. You are in charge of your life. That is your greatest power.
5) Complain? Nag? Nah! Confess greatness if you want to testify it.
6) Nevet ever regret anything. First of all,we can't take the time back. So there is no much point of you tearing yourself apart over things you can't change. You were always at the right place at the time and every decision and action of yours added something priceless into your life. One thing leads to another,you just have to believe that it happens in your favor and for your own sake. You are that blessed.

Always remember,when things are falling apart,they are actually falling into place.

Your greatest blessings are yet to come. 



  1. True. No perfect life anywhere.May God grant us grace to ride through trying periods.

  2. You inspire me so much Mrs Sonia... Will grow up like you! Please read amazing stories on my blog and tell me what you think. Looking forward to meet writers...