Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Secret "GoodLuck" New Year Eve Ritual

I believe this will be the last post I am going to share with you for this year guys.

My whole life,I have always believed that New Year truly is a beginning of something new. A blank chapter of our personal stories.

A year that passed brought each and every of us amazing blessings and priceless lessons,so first of all do not regret anything,but rejoice what was added into your life.

However,for so long I have one,how I call it,"Secret Good Luck Ritual" that I must go through before I move on to the brand new year and I think I need to share it with you because I feel like it really helps me attract miracles and invite magic into my life.

I use pen and paper to write two lists that help me get charged with a right kind of energy for all the changes upcoming year is about to bring and redirect them all in my favor. I don't write my lists down in my cell phone notes,somehow I believe that there is a power in words written by my own hand ,moved by passion,prayer and love.

Step 1

Let's take one last look at the year that is about to pass.
I write down all the amazing things that happened to me. I start with things that mean everything to each and every of us,but we mostly take for granted:
Life and Health.
I am alive.
People I love and care about deeply are alive.
I am healthy and my people are all healthy.
My dad had two serious surgeries this year,but he is recovering now. He is getting better. All I see is health!
I walk on my own.
I can talk.
I can see.
I can hear.
I have a son. A healthy,super intelligent,strong little man that is growing every second.
Maybe you don't drive a car of your choice or live in crib of your dreams,but is that a reason not to be happy for what you already have? Because I am sure many people would kill to be in your shoes.
I am not hungry.
Not homeless.
Finish your list,but make sure you feel that beautiful emotion of gratitude deep in your bones.
You have much more then you need.

Think of moments you left behind.
How many times you have laughed,kissed,hugged,danced,ate with someone special to your heart?
All that fun I had. I can not afford to take for granted NONE! Even simple "let's go for a drink" times with amazing people that wish me well.Happy little moments are truly a definition of luxury.

Now as I'm typing,I'm thinking about all the magical moments I am endlessly thankful for.
Every time I felt loved,special,appreciated.. I'm trying to remember each and every situation and bring the same emotions back to life as I am writing it down on a piece of paper.
Every single time I felt those butterflies in my belly. Every time my heart was beating faster because of excitement and joy.
These are things I choose to remember 2016 for.

Just because you broke up with your ex or one friend did you wrong does not mean you have right to forget all these wonderful people that love and care about you everyday.
I am indeed blessed. I always end up having pure hearted people coming my way. My friends are such a special people.Positive. Honest. They make me happy.
Then my family that wait can't wait to see me. They are so loving and carrying.I know you might feel like they are too difficult and annoying at times,but even if they do wrong things it's always out of the best intention. So if you hold anything against them,forgive now. Be thankful for their lives.
But most of all,I can not thank God enough for my best friend in this whole wide world. My husband. How grateful I am...Through thick and thin and all my madness and mood swings,ups and downs,he was and still is my medicine. His loyalty,care and love is something I can't stop writing about.
Then our son. Naughty little fella that wakes me up every morning by poking my eyes. Lol . There is simply no space to be bitter or ungrateful.

Keep written your list darling.
Focus on a beautiful emotions each and every person you mention adds into your life. Feel it. Breathe it in: Let the magic begin.

Make peace with what you can't change.
Surely,not every memory brings a smile on our face.We surely been through disappointments,pain,frustration and helplessness at some point.
Honestly,between you and I,my year was kind of rough. I think I had the most difficult battle to fight so far. I was in depression,faced serious issues,crises and once I will share everything I have been through with you.
BUT now I AM GRATEFUL for each and every struggle. I am strong. You are strong. And strong is sexy! It's a turn on. We learnt ! We got wiser! It could have been way worse! Best believe that everything bad that happened actually saved you from something worse that was about to come your way! But NO,your are blessed and FAVORED!
So take a minute,think of all the unpleasant moments of 2016 and thank for it . Trust me when I tell you,something totally amazing must come out of it. It was a shortcut to your blessings and reword.
You made it though,you superhuman! Be proud of yourself,feel big. It was not easy,I know,but it's definitely going to be so worth it.

Hope you are writing it all down. How do you feel already?

Step 2:

Now I need you to write down major 2017 goals.
Is it a new car? A better house? Is it an exotic trip? An ideal partner and passionate romance? Sexier body? Healthier lifestyle? More discipline?What of your dream job? Recognitions? What do you want to achieve career wise? How do you want to feel about yourself?
Write it all one by one.
But note: you must be very precise. Concrete. Exact.
Then breathe it in.
You are now writing a story about your future self.
Take your time.
Imagine how would you feel if  you just got what you always wished for. Let's say one of the thing from your list.
Feel that feeling of joy,happiness,picture that moment of you calling your loved ones to share a good news with then. Feel it all NOW,as you are writing it down.
Your heart is beating faster yea? Don't stop writing please.
Now say THANK YOU for all the goals and targets you decided are going to come true and come to you in this fabulous 2017. Feel like it's already yours and act accordingly. You must feel good. Excited. Not sad,bitter or envious. If someone else got what you dream of,rejoice on their behalf. That is how we claim our blessings.Your own is already sent your way,in order to open door for it you must feel amazing! Happy!Thankful.

So yea guys. This is how I end every year of mine. I read my Gratitude Lists often as year is passing and at the end I always realize that most of my goals actually came true. Yours will too,but you have to stay consistent with a positive attitude and gratitude. You must feel it everyday and have faith that things are happening in your favor even when it seems opposite.
That is my secret (well not anymore) recipe that helps me stay on the right track.
Remember,all you need to get what you want is already in you.
Impossible is nothing.
Gratitude is everything.
Faith opens all sorts of doors.
But,your good intention and pure heart helps you stay in.

Life is indeed a beautiful journey.

Happy New Year My Dearest Friends.
I hope you are prepared for all the blessings that are about to change your life forever?
I am too.

Much Love


  1. I'm soooo about to do this NOW! Thanks Sonia! Happy new year!

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  10. Happy new year ma tnx a lot for this

  11. This is lovely. Very inspiring. I just saw this now but I am soo doing it right away. Bless you Sonia.

  12. Oh this sounds awsome! I will do mine this night. Blesss

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