Monday, 14 September 2015

Are you tired of not having enough? You want wealth and life in abundance?

The little secret that will lead you to wealth and life in abundance:
You can't expect to be rewarded with more if you are not grateful for what you already have. You must never take any little thing for granted. You need to feel strong,deep happiness from the bottom of your being every single day for everything you are already blessed with. Write a list of graduate down-start from your health,family,friends,that cup of coffee,little cozy chats we have everyday with our loved ones,food you eat,drinks you drink,beautiful sky you see when you look through the window,air you breathe etc. You will be surprised how many things you took for granted are actually priceless and necessary in our lives. Gratitude automatically fills your heart with happiness,joy and reminds you of how blessed you ALREADY are. It will instantly make you feel good. And you need to FEEL good if you want to invite good things your way!
What is funny about stingy people is that they never see themselves as stingy but rational. They have belief that they are saving things by not sharing. What a myth! If you don't share whatever you have that means you live in constant fear of lacking,which automatically means you deep inside settled for not having enough! Be aware of that famous "I don't have now" line you use every time  you asked for a favor - more you repeat it,it will eventually become your reality!  Don't doubt your wealth! It's there and its YOURS! Manifest that belief by sharing goods with others and let it brings you joy! You are a rich person!You are blessed enough to help others!
Welcome to a life of your dreams!