Saturday, 19 September 2015


The most priceless thing we are getting from ANY religion is faith and love we need especially during tough times. It suppose to give us peace,wisdom,bring happiness and joy into our hearts,remind us to stay grateful and faithful,humble and teach us how to generously share and care about the others. 
I get so upset when so called "God fearing" people that spent almost every Sunday of their lives in church still misunderstood the main point of religion in general. 
No religion or belief makes you superior or inferior then others,so you have no right to look down or generalize others that have different beliefs then you.
The truth is  - all beliefs you have are results of what society/family you was brought up in though you,and we DONT choose where are we going to be born at.
In fact I believe that there is only ONE God but different ways of approaching Him through different religions . 
I was born in a Christian family but as a human,I take quite personal the way the rest of the world labels Muslims. 
No religion is bad and also EVERY religion can become a weapon of manipulation if misinterpreted ,not only Islam. 
Terrorism is a political creation hiding behind misinterpreted version of one religion and it exists thanks to lack of education,poverty and messed up system that creates generations of miserable humans that have nothing to lose and automatically they become a victims of brainwashing turning into slaves of other people's interests.
Crimes in the name of religion are committed all through history and not only when it comes to Islam ( just that crimes that were not mentioned often fall into oblivion) and religion itself is (with ethnical and racial differences) extremely powerful way of manipulation and in no time it can create hatred  and bloody conflict and wars between millions of people.
Western Countries have absolute monopoly over massive media and its in their interest to create an image according their taste of the particular sides of the world.  It's pretty much all about the intrest.
Anytime I on TV its about terrorism and extremism and thousands of dead in here or there,which is really sad because those are all innocent men,women and children but nobody will ever give you number of victims (equally innocent) every "Peaceful mission" of Western countries  left behind in numerous countries of Asia,Africa,East Europe and South America. 
Religion should be way of bringing people together,it should be less of institutional more of a spiritual phenomenon.
We are all equally humans. 
At the end of the day,does God have religion?
Please share with your friends. We need love and understanding to coexist together on this planet earth.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Finally someone who can relate. It's really hard being a Muslim and living in Europe due to all these so called labels which has nothing to do with you in any way or form. Lover from muslim in UK God bless you xxx