Wednesday, 30 September 2015

When not to marry a person you have a child with?

It's easy to make a baby,and to be real,it often happens unplanned (well,at least one side didn't plan) with someone you don't really plan to share your life with. People can give you a million and one moral lesson about how wrong this is,put blame here or there,but truth is ,wrong or right,it happens all the time and guess what? Takes two to tango! 
Next step is-you want to use the child matter to make person marry you or stay with you because you are sure that's the only right thing to do,besides "he owns you that much ",not to mention a pressure society puts on you.
Wait a minute. Will that solve a problem or add some more?
Marriage is not a final destination. 
Marriage is just a beginning. 
Even in case two people that are soulmates that deeply love and care about each other ,relationship between man and a woman is a very complicated matter,you build and learn how to function with your partner every single day. It's a long way to go. A very bumpy ride. You will struggle to find solutions and compromises to overcome many personal differences.Compromise means mutual sacrifice so you can meet with your partner on a half way for sake of each others happiness and peace. It takes so much patience,understanding,support. Even tears and headaches at some points. Other person's failures,mistakes,pain becomes your own. Difficult huh?The only force on planet earth thar can make you go through all this and be ready to share a whole life with other person and give 100% of you,the best of you (with a smile on your face) is True Love.

So,ok,pressure was too much and yes he married you. And what then? You pleased society,or maybe you "got"a man you want but what kind of life will you have?

Remember,if one is not truly happy with idea of spending the life with you,truth is - he will never be capable of making you truly happy and instead of joy,happiness,support,appreciation

 and love you deserve (what marriage suppose to be about ),your life might turn into agony and frustration because the person will never care enough to compromise,give you what you want and put efforts needed to build a quality,healthy relationship with you.

And what is the best for your child?Home full of love,support and understanding,definitely. But,if you can't have it with parent of your kid then create it by yourself for the sake of your child. You can't take back the time. There is no time for regrets. But you can be reasonable.
Home filled with loneliness,bitterness,regrets or hate that is circulating in the air will make all of you suffer,especially your child!

Love can't be forced. Love must be mutual and free.. You are somebody's blessing not a choice by force .

The best is yet to come.
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  1. Nicely said. You have a Fan now

  2. thank you so much. you inspire alot of people. this right here is what is the truth,i wish i could share my story so alot of ladies will learn from my experience but one day it will happen.i may even make a movie out of it.