Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tricks and secrets that will make him/her fall in love - get a man/woman you always wanted!

Well,It's been a while since I started getting emails from different people world wide asking me "how to get a man and keep him as well".
So I decided to let y'all know some few little things I have learnt from my own experience: 
No,it's not about the million and one psychological games of seduction that we read in magazines.
First and foremost: the foundation of every healthy,productive relationship and mutual honest love between two people is nothing but-self love!That means we need to love and embrace ourselves just the way we are without faking or pretending. Why?
The reason why we hold ourselves of being who we truly are in front of the person we have feelings for is because we are afraid of loosing or chasing that person away which automatically means we don't consider ourselves good or worthy enough. But the thing is, we very often forget  that the only way to discover who is really meant to be part of our lives is by facing them with our true,naked nature and their capabilities of handling it. 
The truth is,if you pretend or hide things about yourself ,if your behavior is programmed to please a man following his likes and dislikes,it means you don't love yourself enough to be comfortable and free enough to be the unique imperfect YOU! In that case,how would you expect the other person to recognize and appreciate your worth if you don't know it yourself?
Besides,only a  man that is introduced to your worst and still have the power to see the best in you can possibly treat you the way you deserve.
With the way you love and treat yourself you set example for others that enter your life,and how would you expect the other  person to recognize and do the things for you that you can't do yourself.  
The Bottomline is: Love must be effortless and smooth. Love is shameless and feels right. If you must force it on someone,then its not for you! You need to be loved for who you really are-nothing more nothing less than that!
 Love doesn't brings doubts,headaches,wanders or tension. Love is not slippery,it can't be snatched away from you nether can you trick or manipulate someone to love you.
Love is free and it can never be chased.
So start your ideal romance with yourself first before anyone else,so you can be bold and proud enough to -be yourself with any other person. Then you will be completely able to give and receive love in the real meaning of that Word which will open doors for the Right One to enter. 
If you like the post,please share with your loved ones.,let them know:Love is a beautiful thing,driving force  and purpose of our existence and we all have right on it!


  1. My smart wife can I borrow ur brain for a second

  2. My smart wife can I borrow ur brain for a second

  3. Aww word for d wise. Esp when u said we hide things cz we dont want to loose our rshp.. Word!

  4. Ur wife is indeed intelligent. Interesting read,most times we think we need to try too hard b4 we can be loved and accepted by the one we are with but like u rightly pointed out....its not about them just yet but making ourselves the best versions of ourselves possible and all other things will fall in line

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  6. Very insightful thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm in love with this writeup

  8. I'm in love with this writeup

  9. Ooh my gosh Sonia what an article so nice ,straight up.i love the way u explain things which makes it easier for many of us to understand....I used to think it's hard to do this but now I get it all.thank you