Sunday, 27 September 2015

"But why are men players?!! I am tired of being played!! "

Why are men players? Seems like the mystery can never be solved ! Women all around the world are wandering the same... Or.. Are they?
The truth is,you can't possibly expect everyone you come across to decide on building a life with you. That has nothing to do with how amazing,intelligent,beautiful,successful or kind you are. Don't take it personal,there is nothing personal about it. Simply,not everyone is for you.
Secondly,most men are not even players. They very clearly let you know whiat kind of relationship they want with you. How often does he call? Is he interested in knowing your life,fears,hopes,dreams,pains? How free are you with him? What of the quality of time and conversations you guys share? Does he participate in different segments of your life? Is he available when you need him or are you the only one  that keeps running to him  every time he decidedy  to lend you a little  piece of his "precious" time?
You see?You already understand the whole situation better? It's not as complicated as it seems.
But,on the other hand,we (women) have a talent to see exactly what we want to see. We are masters in finding excuses for men's behavior always hoping for change and when we finally face reality, we feel betrayed or played. We put so much effort,force and power to see what we seem to be so desperate for and that is the real reason why we find ourselves in relationship with someone who is actually-single! 
We end up heartbroken,bitter,angry,sad on that popular "all men are the same" line and at the same time crying because the Right One seems impossible to be found because the world is full of "deceivers,liars and players". But if you  consider the fact that you wеren't deceived by anyone else but yourself,you might  get rid of frustration and give yourself a chance to realize that there are (still!) good men out there that are willing to love one woman only and build a life with her.
You only need to listen to your heart and pay attention to feedback you get from the other person.
Remember that words can lie but actions never! People might not tell you their intentions,but they will always show you!


  1. Thank u so much...twas like u wrote it 4 me

  2. Thank u so much...twas like u wrote it 4 me

  3. Such an inspirational read, You need to expand ur reach.You need more consumers of ur works.

  4. Hummm.... @pple might not tell you their intentions but they will show u...

  5. A frd needs to see DS....God bless you!

  6. woow..just came across ur blog.. just as if u r talking to me..tanks love